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6 Beneficial Insects for Home and Garden

6 Beneficial Insects for Home and Garden

6 Beneficial Insects for Home and Garden

Posted April 22, 2020

Insects are just one of the many classes in the animal kingdom that beautify and benefit our world. However, some insects are more desirable than others.

These seven bugs benefit homeowners and the environment directly. Some pollinate flowers, some protect gardens, and others are nature’s little pest management agents. Consider keeping these bugs around your home and reap the benefits they provide.

1. Spiders

Maybe it’s the way they walk, their webs, their many eyes, or those venom-filled fangs, but many spiders give people the creeps. And when you see one up close, no wonder!

The truth is, most spiders don’t want to cause a problem. All they want to do is eat the bugs that creep and crawl around your home and yard. Spiders will eat anything caught in their web if they can, from ants to cockroaches or even other spiders. 

As long as they’re outside in the yard and surrounding area, you can bet these little bugs are doing their best to work for you. And they do it completely for free.

2. Centipedes

Although it sounds surprising, people in some parts of the world like to keep centipedes as pets. It might sound gross, but centipedes can be surprisingly good roommates, especially the house centipede. 

House centipedes only eat insects crawling around the house, they don’t make any noise, and they like to stay out of sight. They aren’t as cuddly as a puppy or a kitten, but they are master hunters and are naturally self-cleaning and tidy.

Even if you don’t want a centipede in your house, it can be beneficial to give them free rein of your yard or garden. Centipedes rarely attack people or pets unless handled roughly, so just leave them be and let them clean up the yard for you.

3. Praying Mantis

With their triangular heads and raptorial arms, mantids and mantises are some of the most effective insect killers out there. 

Whether it’s a grasshopper, leaf-eating beetles, or fruit-destroying worms, mantises are like bouncers for your garden. No matter the trouble you have with plant-eating pests, mantids and mantises can really turn things around for you.

4. Ladybugs

These red-and-black spotted beetles are famous in some places for their good luck, children’s rhymes about them, and their friendly behavior. 

Besides being a cute Halloween costume for a baby, ladybugs are also a natural pest control agent. Even before they grow their wings and those familiar spots, ladybug larvae hunt gardens and plants for aphids and other insects, especially the tiniest bugs that are hard to see and remove.

Keeping some of these around can bring luck and extra pest protection for your yard or garden. 

5. Green Lacewings

Closely related to dragonflies and other carnivorous insects, green lacewings are serious when it comes to their food. Even as a larva, lacewings are voracious pest-eaters. They hunt for plant-eating bugs like aphids and scale. If you find some of these around your property, you should consider keeping them around to help protect your yard and garden from plant-eating pests.

6. Honey Bees

A single honeybee hive can produce a huge amount of honey, and a hive collectively makes far more than the hive needs. This is because these little buzzers are the most efficient pollinators in the world, collecting huge amounts of nectar for their honey.

While feeding on flowers for their nectar, honey bees transfer pollen from one flower to another. This allows plants to flourish, including the ones we need for food. Without bees, plants wouldn’t be able to thrive and the planet would suffer. 

Although they aren’t carnivorous like the other insects above, honeybees make the biggest impact on humans, more so than any of the other insects listed.

Professional Pest Control

Whether you choose to protect your garden with these powerful insects or you control the garden yourself, you most likely don’t want any of these pests inside your home. 

Fox Pest Control is here to help you. With our pet-safe, family-friendly, and environmentally responsible pest control products and our world-class service, you’ll never have to worry about pests again. 

We get the job done right the first time because No Bugs is Simply Better.

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