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8 Tips to Find the Best Pest Control for You

8 Tips to Find the Best Pest Control for You

8 Tips to Find the Best Pest Control for You

Posted July 21, 2020

Finding a pest control expert that’s right for you is not as simple as you might think. There are many factors to consider.

Beyond pricing and customer experience, selecting a pest control service isn’t as simple as signing a contract. Not all professional pest control services or pest control companies offer the same pest management plans for certain pests, including bed bug control, termite control, mosquito control, ants, roaches, and other common pests.

We’ve gathered a few considerations to keep in mind when hiring a pest control company so that your process is as streamlined as possible.

How to Choose Pest Control That’s Right for You

When you have a pest problem and you’re looking for help, you’re going to want results now. Pest issues can be terrifying. 

Not every pest control company is the same, and not every company can deliver the results you want. You’ll want to choose a company that fits your style, including how they do business, their customer service experience, the results they produce, and their trustworthiness.

The best you can do is remain calm while you do the research and find a company that’s right for you. A calm mind will help you make the best decision possible.

Examine their Documentation

When you ask a company for documents and files, even a professional company may take time to provide this information to you. Be patient with the process and allow the company time to provide it. 

Be wary of companies that take too long or are unwilling to provide documentation. 

1. Registration

Verify that the company you look into is registered with your state’s Pest Control Regulatory Agency. 

2. Licensed Applicator on Staff

While you are conducting your research, ask the company whether they have a licensed and certified applicator on staff who can be available to help train new employees and provide additional support and expertise.

3. Is the Company Insured?

Whether a company or its employees are bonded or insured could influence your decision. 

Ask the company to confirm whether they are insured against accidents that could happen during the pest treatment process. All companies should be able to provide confirmation of insurance.

Company Information and Business Practices

4. Company Values 

Most companies will gladly represent their history and core values on their website.

If you disagree with a company’s values, reconsider hiring them.

5. Look into Company Standing, Customer Experience, and Reviews

Companies with outstanding violations or unresolved complaints against them could pose a risk, especially when they try to deal with particularly difficult or problematic pest situations.

Positive reviews can provide insight into the company’s reliability, but how and whether a company responds to negative reviews will give even greater insight into their customer service experience. 

You may also want to look into or ask whether the company employs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, which take pest behaviors into account.

There are several platforms you can look over to find highly recommended companies:

Before you Hire a Company …

6. Pricing Considerations

Most consumers know that the highest price doesn’t always guarantee the highest quality. Often if one price is significantly lower than the rest, it can lead to big disappointments in the results. 

Just keep in mind that some pest control services are more pricey than others, such as termite treatments, bed bug control, cockroach management, and other specialized treatment plans. 

7. Consider and Evaluate the Service Plan

Some companies offer a service plan that recurs once every three months, like our Home Protection Plan. But your situation might require some adjustments, bi-monthly or monthly service plans, depending on your situation and the products used. 

Be sure you feel confident that the service plan will work for you. Make sure you completely understand the company’s procedures for the services so you aren’t taken off guard. 

8. Before you Sign the Contract

Always read service contracts thoroughly before you proceed. If a service has a satisfaction or money-back guarantee, make sure you understand the terms of the guarantee and other features of the services before you sign. 

Examine all your options within a single company as well as options between companies to ensure you have a full understanding of what you’re getting into.

Additional Thoughts and Considerations

Unfortunately, there is a reason to be cautious when it comes to hiring someone who seems fishy in some way.

Just remember that professional companies want to be recognizable and memorable, and they want to give a good impression. Legitimate companies will try to answer questions to your satisfaction and try hard to deliver excellent customer service and positive, memorable results. 

As mentioned above, you can also look up companies with the Better Business Bureau and review websites. Legitimate companies will do their utmost to respond to negative reviews and resolve complaints, and they will have a healthy number of positive reviews, some of which will mention specific problems solved, specific circumstances, or the names of people who helped them.

Consider Fox Pest Control

When it comes to excellent service, Fox knows how to deliver. Our standards will make you want to put us at the top of your list. 

You can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about pest concerns anymore. Fox will always have your back so that you can focus on what matters most to you. Fox Pest Control. No Bugs. Simply Better.

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