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About Us

The Story of Fox

After working in the pest control industry for years, brothers-in-law Mike Romney and Bryant White opened the first Fox Pest Control branch in 2012. They founded their company on the belief that hard work and integrity would enable them to grow their business successfully -- and they were right! Fox now numbers more than 30 branches, all operated by local residents, small families who take pride in working hard, serving their community, and living the Fox Core Values.

Family matters at Fox. When you join the Fox family, we take care of you like our own.


Our Mission

At Fox, our mission is to develop confident leaders and empower individuals to provide strong, outstanding service. We aren't just a pest control company that provides top-quality service. Our number one priority is to develop and strengthen lasting relationships with our employees, customers, and anyone else with whom we come in contact. By building up leaders and maintaining positive relationships with our customers, we work to make a difference in the lives of our employees and our community.

Our Employees

Fox Pest Control team members service more than 30 branches in 13 different states. We bring superior pest control services and prevention to homeowners across the country. Since opening in 2012, we have helped more than 381,000 homeowners keep their homes and loved ones safe from unwanted pests.

Each Fox employee works hard to provide the best customer service possible. With thousands of positive reviews and many prestigious rankings in the industry, Fox Pest Control is honored to be one of the top pest control companies in the country.

We believe we have attained this high level of service because of the quality of our individual employees. Each member of the Fox Pest Control team receives professional training before coming to your home. Our certified technicians are thoroughly screened with a background check and drug test. You can rest easy knowing that Fox Pest Control will always send a true professional to your home to resolve your pest issues.

The Future of Fox

Our vision is to expand our positive impact on the world by growing the Fox Family through continuous, faithful efforts and developing meaningful relationships. We hope to be able to delight more customers in the area with our hard work to control pests here.

Whether you're dealing with rodents, spiders, ants, carpenter bees, bed bugs or more, call (855) 953-1976 for a free quote. Receive same-day service if you call before 2 p.m. Evening and weekend appointments are also available at no extra charge!

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Residential Service Locations

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