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Fox Pest Control Sponsors 2022 New York Run for the Fallen

Fox Pest Control Sponsors 2022 New York Run for the Fallen

Fox Pest Control’s Albany branch is pleased to announce its official sponsorship of the 2022 New York Run for the Fallen! 

This annual event highlights and honors New York men and women who have recently died while serving or as a result of serving in the War on Terror, including Operation New Dawn, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Regardless of cause of death, or branch of service, the event honors all who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us and their loved ones.

The New York Run for the Fallen lasts four day, beginning June 9, 2022 at Fort Drum and concluding on June 12, 2022, at Gold Star Family Memorial Monument at LaFayette Park in Albany. Each day, runners and a team of volunteers to support the runners navigate set miles for each service member being honored. At specific miles along the route, runners will come to a pre-placed marker where they will see and meet the service members’ family, friends, and patriots. At the dedicated stop, a short 8-minute ceremony will take place in which the name of the fallen service member is read aloud. Following the ceremony, runners continue to the next marker. As they run, participants carry different flags, including Old Glory.  In total, runners traverse more than 415 miles of New York roadway. 

Not only does the run honor those that served, but it also helps keep the spirit and memories of the servicemen and women alive. Additionally, the event serves as an aid in the healing process for those that have lost their loved ones. 

Fox Pest Control’s sponsorship will help cover event expenses and to provide support to those who are in need following the loss of their loved one.  

There are several different ways to get involved with this year’s event, including making a donation, volunteering, or signing up as a runner.

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