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Fox Pest Control Sponsors Green Up Red Stick 2022

Fox Pest Control Sponsors Green Up Red Stick 2022

Long before Fox Pest Control’s Baton Rouge Branch opened in 2011, Baton Rouge Green was working hard to ensure that the city maintained urban green spaces and trees. Since 1987, Baton Rouge Green and hundreds of volunteers have reinforced their love for trees, wildlife, people and our unique city by educating and taking action.

To say thank you for all the years of stewardship and hard work, as well as to reinforce our commitment to keeping Baton Rouge a wonderful place to live, work and play, the team at Fox Pest Control’s Baton Rouge Branch has committed to sponsoring the organization’s fall fundraiser ⸺ Green Up Red Stick.

Green Up Red Stick, which is scheduled to take place from 7-9pm at Goodwood Library on November 11, will feature an exclusive market of local makers, live art, silent auction and live music. Tickets for this event are now on sale.

Fox Pest Control’s sponsorship of this year’s event not only ensures a successful event, but provides monetary needs that Baton Rouge Green needs to inorder to continue creating green environments and adding more trees to the community. A full list of the organization’s programs that accomplish these goals are posted online.

Because of generous sponsors in 2021, Baton Rouge Green was able to:

  • Maintain more than 4,000 trees at 24 different roadway sites across the Capitol Region
  • Harvest more than 2,500 pounds of fresh citrus fruits for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank from trees on residential properties
  • Leverage the power and skills of more than 185 volunteers
  • Engage and educate more than 500 community members on the importance of planting and sustaining community trees and green spaces

We’re looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things that Baton Rouge Green accomplishes this year, and we wish the organization and its amazing team of volunteers all the best with the Green Up Red Stick!

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