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Best Pest Control Options for Pets

Best Pest Control Options for Pets

Best Pest Control Options for Pets

Posted August 30, 2021

Home pest control is important not only to keep you and your family safe, but also your furry four legged friends. Being close to the ground, pets are more likely than humans to have ticks or fleas latch onto them. Here are some signs that your pests have fleas or ticks, and how to better prevent these pests.


Excessive Scratching

If you notice that your pet has been scratching themselves more than usual, it may mean they have fleas. Pets with a flea infestation will sometimes scratch themselves until they bleed. Check their fur for small dark specks, which are likely flea droppings.

Pet Salivation

Often when pets have a flea infestation, they will attempt to get rid of the itchiness by biting the bugs away. While they can easily digest fleas, some fleas carry eggs from tapeworms that can become a serious problem for pets and cause excessive salivation and foaming. If your pet is salivating excessively, see a vet right away.

Clean Bedding Regularly

One way to prevent your home from becoming flea ridden is to wash pet bedding regularly. Before cleaning bedding inspect it closely for fleas or droppings. 


The only real way to know if your pet has ticks is to actually find ticks on them. Wood ticks will be a large brown bump that can easily be mistaken for a skin tag. Deer ticks are smaller and will be an irritated spot on the body. If your pet has had a deer tick they are in danger of contracting Lyme’s disease, which creates a red bullseye on the skin. Lyme’s disease can be life threatening and you should consult a vet immediately.

Preventing Ticks

To prevent ticks, a tick collar is a simple solution, but some basic yard care can also help. Ticks can’t jump or fly, they just sit on branches and bushes with their front legs outstretched waiting for a warm blooded creature to brush by them so they can latch on. Use these lawn care tips to help prevent ticks:

  • Keep grass mowed and groomed
  • Trim back branches near the edge of your yard
  • Create a barrier near the edge of your yard using wood chips or mulch
  • Place odorous plants such as lavender, mint, or eucalyptus near wooded areas to deter ticks

Get Professional Pest Control

The best way to prevent your pets from coming in contact with fleas or ticks in your yard is to have the professionals take care of it. Here at Fox Pest Control, we have years of experience keeping you and your loved ones pest free. All of our products are environmentally and pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about a treatment harming them, and you can prevent infestations before they happen. Call Fox Pest Control today at (855) 953-1976 for a free estimate and property inspection.

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