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Are Crickets Hiding In Your Walls?

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Posted February 13, 2023

How To Get Rid of a Cricket Infestation in Your Home

When you think of pests, crickets may not be the first things that come to mind. After all, we were all taught to love Jiminy Cricket! However, anyone who’s had these insects in their home, especially in closed-off spaces like walls, knows how annoying they can be — their constant chirp is enough to drive any homeowner crazy. Crickets are, thankfully, not harmful to humans or pets. Some cricket species bite, but this is very rare, and they do not spread diseases like other insects. However, crickets are very loud, and they can be tough to remove once they’ve settled in your home. The best way to deal with crickets in your home or walls is to contact a professional pest control company near you. They have tools and products available that can effectively help you deal with your cricket issue. At Fox Pest Control our expert exterminators help homeowners deal with crickets all the time. Call (855) 953-1976 or email us for a free inspection, same-day service.

Fox Pest Control how do you know if you have a cricket infestation how to get rid of crickets in walls

Do You Have Crickets in Your Walls?

At first glance, it might not be obvious where your troublesome crickets are holed up. Can crickets even live in walls? The answer is yes, crickets are sneaky pests because they can hide comfortably in your walls all winter. So how do you know if you have a cricket infestation? You may only know that you have a problem come spring, and you’ll need to act quickly at that point. 

Here’s how you can determine if you have a cricket infestation in your walls or home, watch out for:

  • Frayed clothing or linens
  • Chirping sounds
  • Dark stains on clothing or linens
  • Stray crickets

Unlike other destructive pests that are silent like termites or ants, because of crickets’ distinctive chirp it’s fairly easy to tell if you’ve got a cricket infestation in your walls or home.

Which Crickets Will You Find?

Depending on your location, you may encounter a variety of cricket species in your home. These include the:

  • House Cricket
  • Mole Cricket
  • Camel Cricket
  • Field Cricket
  • Bush Cricket
  • Mormon Cricket

The cricket species you will most likely find in your home are house crickets. House crickets usually die off in cold weather — but remember, they’re sneaky!  They overwinter in their egg stage and hatch when the weather gets warm. Once you notice signs of a cricket infestation in your home, you may feel overwhelmed. 

Don’t worry. You still have time to fix the problem.

Copy of Fox Pest Control how do you know if you have a cricket infestation how to get rid of crickets in walls

You Have a Cricket Infestation. What Now?

The best way to get rid of crickets in your walls is prevention to keep them from becoming an issue in the first place. But even after doing all you can to prevent an infestation, like keeping the house clean, sealing cracks in your doorway or window sill, and maintaining the yard, determined crickets can still get inside. 

That’s when you know it’s time to take a step back and reset with professional pest control services. Fox Pest Control offers a comprehensive Home Protection Plan that is designed to target a variety of pests — including crickets.  By spraying the inside and outside of your home and employing the special use of granular baits and glue board traps (as our Associate Certified Entomologist, Jim Buick, recommends)  at the first visit and following with exterior sprays and optional interior services at no extra cost, Fox lays the groundwork to keep crickets out for good and to get rid of them in your walls and other hard to reach places in your home.

For even better results, start the home protection plan before the cold weather hits so your home will be protected if overwintering crickets hatch.

If you’re struggling to reclaim your home from crickets, call Fox Pest Control today at 855-953-1976, or send us an email to contact us.   

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