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How to Draw a Chocolate Midge with the Sketchin’ Tech

Sketchin’ Tech is a fun, family-friendly drawing show on YouTube where you can draw all kinds of bugs. Some bugs are beneficial, some bugs are pests, but all are fascinating and fun to draw!     

In this episode, we will learn how to draw a Chocolate Midge. You may have heard them called “no-see-ums” – a popular nickname for these teensy-tiny insects. 

Let’s get our art supplies ready and watch this video to start drawing.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite chocolate got its start? Well, there’s a tiny hero behind it all – the chocolate midge! Let’s dive into some fun facts about these minuscule creatures and their crucial role in creating the deliciousness we know as chocolate. 

Have you ever been annoyed by biting midges? Well, chocolate lovers, listen up! Female biting midges are the primary pollinators of cacao trees, the source of chocolate. 

Each mouthful of chocolate begins with seed pods from a tree commonly known as the “cacao, food of the gods,” found only in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. These trees have teensy white flowers (only about 1 cm across!) that, when pollinated, produce valuable seed pods, which will later provide us with the treat we love: chocolate!

Chocolate Midges are also teeny-tiny! These insects, also known as “Cerats,” are only 1-3 millimeters long – about the size of a pinhead! Because the cacao flowers are super small and odd-shaped, they need tiny pollinators like chocolate midges.  These midges are crucial for pollination; we wouldn’t have chocolate without these tiny helpers!

There’s a time crunch for Chocolate Midges. Cacao flowers are short-lived, usually open for just one or two days, and only just before sunrise! The clock is ticking for the chocolate midges to work their magic. If successful, the flowers transform into football-sized fruit pods containing 30-60 seeds – the raw ingredient for chocolate.

Adult Non-biting Midge of the Family Chironomidae under twig. Feathery antennae.

In their natural habitat, chocolate midges thrive in dense, shady rainforests. However, as cacao trees are often cultivated in open plantations, the midges face challenges due to flower abundance and aroma differences. Wild cacao flowers attract midges with over 75 distinct aroma ingredients!

Imagine a dance party at dawn. That’s when chocolate midges are most active, aligning with the cacao flowers’ opening schedule. They use their feathery antennae to navigate the intricate flowers, pollinating them in a dance that ensures the continuation of the chocolate-making process.

Next time you savor a piece of chocolate, remember to thank these tiny, often overlooked chocolate midges for their incredible contribution to the sweet world of cocoa!

At Fox Pest Control, bugs and pests are our specialty. Learn more about our Home Protection Plan and find out how we can protect your home, ensuring you feel comfortable and safe throughout the year.

Thanks for joining the Sketchin’ Tech! We can’t wait to draw with you again! 

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