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How to Draw a Christmas Beetle with the Sketchin’ Tech

Sketchin’ Tech is a fun, family-friendly drawing show on YouTube where you can draw all kinds of bugs. Some bugs are beneficial, some bugs are pests, but all are fascinating and fun to draw!     

In this episode, we will learn how to draw a Christmas Beetle. Christmas Beetles are mostly found in Australia’s southern and eastern regions and some areas of South Africa. They get their name because they can be found mostly around Christmas time. 

Let’s get our art supplies ready and watch this video to start drawing.

Now that you’ve learned how to draw a Christmas Beetle with Rob, our Sketchin’ Tech – sharpen your skills with Catch the Art Bug! How to make The Shine Effect will help you take your art to the next level! We’re going to use our Christmas Beetle drawing and show you how to make him shiny like a Christmas ornament. Click here to watch the video

Parents, here are some fun facts about Christmas Beetles you can share with your kids:

Christmas Beetles are a type of scarab, cousins of the dung and Japanese beetles. They’re usually large and kinda chunky, a little bit flat, with bright, iridescent brown, yellow, pink, green, and orange colors. They have three really cool, spiky legs with hooked feet on either side of their body – this helps them hold onto the leaves they’re feeding on. Their front legs are uneven to help them hold on to Eulyptus leaves.

Christmas Beetles start as tiny white, curled-up larvae (also known as curl-grub) deep underground. They snack on grassroots and old plants for at least an entire year, sometimes longer, waiting for just the right temperature before coming out of the ground and wreaking havoc on the plants there. 

Australian Christmas beetle on wattle leaves

After coming above ground, adult Christmas beetles generally feed on eucalyptus leaves. Christmas Beetles thrive in pastures where there are trees. They prefer open woodland to forests. They often form dense masses on farmland around the remaining eucalyptus trees, chewing through the leaves and sometimes completely defoliating them. Because of this, they can be considered very frustrating pests

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Thanks for joining the Sketchin’ Tech! We can’t wait to draw with you again! 

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