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Draw a Fox with the Sketchin’ Tech

Draw a Fox with the Sketchin’ Tech

How to Draw a Fox with the Sketchin’ Tech

Sketchin’ Tech is a fun, family-friendly drawing show on YouTube where you can draw all kinds of bugs. Some bugs are beneficial, some bugs are pests, but all are fascinating and fun to draw! 

We will learn how to draw a fox for our first drawing since we are Fox Pest Control. Foxes are really cool! They are smart, fast, and loyal family members.

So get your art supplies ready and watch the video:

Parents, here are some fun facts and stories about foxes you can share with your kids:

Did you know that some foxes can run up to 42 miles per hour and walk very long distances? One Arctic Fox walked from Norway to Canada in three months; that’s over 2,700 miles!

Foxes can jump three feet into the air, climb fences, and even over rooftops. That’s what makes them so hard to catch. They’re also very clever. Some foxes will even play dead to protect themselves. No wonder people say foxes are tricky!

Some foxes, like the Bat-Eared Fox, can hear insects in the ground, which is helpful because they eat many insects, especially termites. They are so good at getting rid of termites that they will eat all of them out of a mound and then turn the mound into their home. 

Our favorite fact about foxes is that they have amazing families. Foxes are good parents. The female fox (or Vixen) stays with her babies for seven months while the male goes hunting and returns with food. Once in England, a fox pup was caught in a wire trap, and the mom brought it food every day for two weeks! 

Just like a fox takes good care of its family, Fox Pest Control is ready to take care of yours. We are also really good at getting rid of termites! Contact us for more information on our services.

Thanks for joining the Sketchin’ Tech! We can’t wait to draw with you again!

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