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How to Draw a Honey Bee with the Sketchin’ Tech

Sketchin’ Tech is a fun, family-friendly drawing show on YouTube where you can draw all kinds of bugs. Some bugs are beneficial, some bugs are pests, but all are fascinating and fun to draw!     

In this episode, we will learn how to draw a honey bee. Did you know that a honey bee can fly as fast as 15 miles an hour, for up to six miles at a time? When flying, a honey bee’s wings flap nearly 12,000 times per minute – so fast! That’s why we hear buzzing when a bee flies by!  

Let’s get our art supplies ready, and watch this video to start drawing.

Parents, here are some fun facts about honey bees you can share with your kids:

The honey bee is among the most important pollinators of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. They work hard to carry pollen to plants so they can grow fruit and vegetables. If we didn’t have bees, we would lose a lot of our food. 

Honeybee harvesting pollen from blooming flowers

In a honey bee colony, everyone has a specific job to do, and by working together, they make sure the hive is safe and sound and create delicious honey!

Queen: Every hive is led by one queen. Her job is to lay the eggs that will produce the next generation of bees in the hive. Queen bees control the mood of their colonies with special pheromones, which unify the bees under her care.

the queen (apis mellifera) marked with dot and bee workers around her - bee colony life

Workers: These are all females, and their roles are to forage for food, build and protect the hive, feed the Queen, remove her waste, and cater to her every need.  Workers are the bees most people see flying around outside the hive. 

Drones: These are male bees whose purpose is to mate with the queen. Several hundred live in each hive during spring and summer. Come winter, when the hive goes into survival mode, the drones are kicked out!

While worker bees and drones can sting only once in their lives, a Queen bee can sting multiple times. She typically reserves her stings for rival Queens.

A bee collects honey from a flower in nature.

Honey bees are super important to have around because they help pollinate plants. At Fox Pest Control, we don’t remove honey bees or their nests.  If you’re unsure what kind of yellow-stripey infestation you’re dealing with, call Fox Pest Control today. Never try to remove a nest yourself. If honey bees are on your property, we’ll recommend a beekeeper near you who will safely relocate the bees. If it turns out to be a pest like a wasp or hornet, we’ll be happy to help. Check out our Home Protection Plan for more information on how we control the pests that pester you.

Thanks for joining the Sketchin’ Tech! We can’t wait to draw with you again! 

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