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How to Get Rid of Fleas

How to Get Rid of Fleas

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Fleas are most famous for making pets itch, but that’s not the only concern they raise. Even though they usually focus on four-legged animals, fleas can bite people as well. These are just a few problems cat fleas, dog fleas, human fleas, and rat fleas can cause you and your pets: Flea allergy dermatitis, Tapeworm, Cat Scratch Disease, and Flea-borne Typhus.

The best way to defend against fleas is to keep them out of your home and yard. Use the Fox Home Protection Plan and Yard Enjoyment Plan together for the most effective fight against fleas. 

When paired with Fox Pest Control Treatment Plans, these tips will increase the protection of your home and yard.

Risks of Leaving Fleas Untreated

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Pets, rodents, birds, plants, and even YOU can unknowingly bring fleas into your yard and home. Besides annoying biting, fleas spread dangerous diseases to you and your pets, including tapeworms, typhus, cat scratch disease, and allergy dermatitis.

Preventing Fleas on Your Pets

Include these tips in your pet’s health routine! If you see ticks, repeat the steps more often until after the infestation dies down.

  • Treat pets regularly with flea preventatives.
  • Wash/dry bedding on hot water and high heat at least once a week
    • Wash every day if fleas have been in your home. 
  • Wash areas where pets regularly rest (kennels, furniture, etc.)
  • Use a flea comb after being outside
  • Keep pet’s fur short during the summer
  • Wash pet toys with hot, soapy water
  • Visit the vet regularly
    • Your veterinarian may prescribe stronger flea/tick preventatives depending on your situation.

Preventing Fleas in Your Home and Yard

Start in the yard and work your way inside!

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The Fox Yard Enjoyment Plan for outdoor flea control is the first step to controlling fleas! Our flea treatment effectively controls fleas at each stage of their development, keeping them from moving from your yard into your house.

Outdoor fleas prefer shady, humid, and warm areas away from the sun. If your pet has favorite spots they like to lounge, you will find fleas there too. Focus on these areas during lawn and yard upkeep.

  • Yard Maintenance
    • Do not overwater your lawn
    • Keep grass short
    • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed, not touching the house
    • Remove piles of leaves, wood, and debris
  • Discourage Wildlife Invaders
    • Look out for animals, including rats, mice, opossums, deer, and raccoons
    • Keep garbage cans secured
    • Don’t leave food outside

It is challenging to know how to eliminate fleas indoors since they are so small and spread quickly. However, these simple housekeeping tasks can help you identify and prevent fleas before a major infestation.

Remember that fleas don’t infest houses because a home is dirty. These cleaning tips simply make your home less appealing to them and more likely to die off.

  • Wash and dry bedding with hot water/high heat 
  • Vacuum regularly
    • Immediately put the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag
    • Freeze in a freezer, then throw it away
    • OR throw the bag away in an outside, lidded garbage can
  • DEEP CLEAN when you find fleas inside!
    • Note: Most interior flea infestations need extra help from flea-reduction pest control. If you’ve found fleas inside your home, call Fox Pest Control at (833) 667-3785.
    • Deep clean at least 2x a week (4x a week is best)
    • Vacuum 3-4x a week
      • Move furniture to vacuum everywhere!
      • Cushions, mattresses, bed frames, and cracks/crevices in furniture
    • Steam Clean or Shampoo the Carpet

Once fleas are inside, it is very difficult to get rid of them. We know it’s frustrating, and we are here to help!

Consistency is the best defense against pests. Discover how our Fox Home Protection Plan handles pest issues for you!

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