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How to Get Rid of Mice & Rats

How to Get Rid of Mice & Rats

Do you have a problem with mice or rats? Do you know how to tell the difference between a mouse and a rat? These rodents occupy every area of the country and invade hundreds of homes throughout the United States annually. Crafty little creatures, they can squeeze into tiny cracks and crevices to infest your home, spreading disease, creating messes, and damaging property. Most people don’t know how to get rid of mice and rats effectively; Fox Pest Control is the expert you need!  

Check out some of the main differences between mice and rats in the infographic below. It’s important to know which rodents you’re dealing with so you can know the most effective way to deal with them.  

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How Do Rodents Get Inside Your Home?

Even the cleanest and most well-kept homes are susceptible to rodent infestations. These pests are looking for food and shelter, especially in winter, and your home provides both. Rodents are attracted to anything that smells good, and once they get a whiff of something tasty, they’ll do whatever it takes to get to it.  

Mice and rats easily infiltrate homes due to their ability to squeeze through small openings. Their unique body structures enable rats to fit through quarter-sized spaces, while mice can navigate gaps as small as a nickel or even a dime. They can also come in through doors, windows, or other openings. 

When rats and mice get in, they nest in dark, secluded places, like attics, crawl spaces, and behind appliances. Because they reproduce so quickly, you could have a full-scale infestation in no time. Here are some tips for the most effective ways to get rid of rats and mice. 

5 Ways To Help Get Rid Of Mice & Rats

1. Contact Fox Pest Control

The best way to get rid of mice and rats is to work with the professionals at Fox Pest Control. Our experienced exterminators know how to find where mice and rats are hiding and how to get rid of them.  

The following tips can help prevent mice and rats from entering your home but won’t stop an active mouse infestation. Rodents breed throughout the year, allowing their numbers to grow exponentially, making it difficult to get rid of mice with DIY solutions. Use these tips to increase the effectiveness of the rodent control treatment by your Fox Pest Control technician.  

2. Eliminate Entry Points

Effective rodent control involves closing potential entry points. Check your home often for tiny cracks or openings where mice and rats might sneak in. Some of the most common entry points are: 

  • Gaps around utility pipes 
  • Cracks in the foundation (may require a contractor to fix) 
  • Gaps or cracks under doors and ground-level windows 
  • Gaps around A/C pipes 
  • Rips, tears, or gaps in siding 

Close off entry points by  

  • Patching any wall holes securely with drywall or hardware cloth and cap chimneys 
  • Consider replacing old, drafty windows with new ones 
  • Close common entry points with silicone-based caulking, steel wool, or weather stripping.   

3. Remove Rodents’ Food Source

Effective rodent control involves eliminating food sources to deter mice and rats from entering your home. To keep mice and rats away, focus on cutting off their food supply. Make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy, store food in sealed containers, wash dishes right away, and take out the trash often. This reduces the chances of rodents coming.  

4. Don’t Give Rodents Shelter

To prevent rodent infestation in your home, seal openings in places like the attic. Get rid of old stuff in the attic. Check behind appliances and crawl spaces for nests and clean them up right away. Trim trees and shrubs near your house to keep rodents from getting onto your roof. 

5. Traps For Mice & Rats

Finally, traps are a popular way to get rid of mice and rats. They come in different types and can be effective for controlling rodents.  

  • Snap traps are easily baited with cheese or peanut butter.  
  • Glue traps are messier; they immobilize rodents with sticky glue.  
  • No-kill or Catch-and-Release traps allow you to catch live rodents and release them somewhere far from your home.  

Traps can be messy and tricky to use effectively. Mice can smell human touch on bait and avoid it, so you have to be careful where you place it. Mice, especially, are very smart creatures, and they’ll work hard to avoid traps. If you have pets or kids, you need to be extra cautious with traps. You also have to change the bait often to keep it attractive to rodents. When you catch one, you’ll need to release it far away or dispose of it, which isn’t pleasant or easy. 

Rodent traps can offer temporary solutions to your problem, but the best way to get rid of mice and rats is to call the professionals.  

At Fox Pest Control, we know how to get rid of rats and mice. We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee with our Home Protection Plan, which means we’ll keep coming back until they don’t. Say goodbye to rodent worries; let Fox Pest Control handle your mouse problem with expert care. Call us today!

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