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How to Keep Bees Away From Pools

How to Keep Bees Away From Pools

Have you ever jumped into a pool on a hot summer day only to find a yellow-stripey pest already floating in the water? Yeah, we’ve done that, too. Unfortunately, bees, wasps, and other stinging insects often gather around large bodies of open water, like swimming pools and spas, so it’s no surprise if they’ve decided to join you.  

If you find yourself asking how to “keep bees away from the pool,” you’re not alone. Read on to find out what you can do about this summer pest issue.

Why Are There Bees in My Pool? 

Bees and wasps feel the heat in summer, too, just like us. Think about it: when it’s scorching outside, what’s your go-to move? A nice dip in the pool, right? Well, turns out that bees and wasps have the same idea! They drop by your pool to chill out, grab a sip of water, and find a cozy spot so they don’t turn into little insect crisps.  

Bees are attracted to water for drinking, but they aren’t just sipping water for fun – they’re like tiny engineers! They are also gathering water for a cool-down at the hive. They use those collected drops of water to keep the hive chill and their little bee babies hydrated. Aren’t bees amazing?  

One reason you can find wasps near pools is that the chemicals used to treat pools emit strong odors and are especially attractive to wasps. Bright colors are often used for pool and patio furniture, as well. Add to that the beautifully scented plants that people usually have adorning their pool area, and your yard is an open invitation for all flying things yellow and stripey.  

Interesting fact: when wasps and bees die in water, it’s not because of chemicals, as you’d think, but because they are overconfident about their swimming abilities.  

So, How Do I Keep Bees Away From My Pool? 

Backyard pools are meant to be enjoyed without the potential danger of getting stung by a bee while floating, or nabbed by a wasp while doing your laps. Here are some tips that will be more effective than just splashing water at the bee and hoping it goes away. 

1. Keep bee-friendly plants away from the pool 

It’s important to avoid planting bee-friendly trees and flowers near pools to prevent uninvited guests from joining you. Bees are attracted to certain plants by their tempting smells and bright colors.  If you already have these plants near your pool, consider replanting them further away from your water activities. 

Good to know: Bees love the color purple because they can see it more clearly than any other color. They also really like blue, white, and yellow. They cannot see the color red, so avoid red flowers if you’re looking to attract bees. Marigolds, Black-Eyed Susans, and Hyssops are a few of their favorite flowers. Wasps prefer white, purple, blue, and yellow and the smell of plants like fennel and spearmint. They also really like sunflowers, goldenrods, and raspberry bushes.  

2. Consider Plants that repel bees and wasps.  

A lot of plants act as powerful repellents to bees. Basil, Geranium, mint, and citronella are all great bee-busters. Lemongrass, thyme, and Eucalyptus also give off strong scents that are repulsive to certain pollinators. If you want plants around your pool area, these are great to start with. Bonus! Many of these also repel mosquitoes! 

3. Create An Alternate Water Source 

This may seem strange, but sometimes, all you need to do is create an alternative water source to deter bees and wasps from your pool. A still water source like a bird bath or fountain near flowers and plants can appeal to these flying insects. A makeshift pond will be more attractive to bees than a crystal-clear pool since they prefer murky water

By planting bee-friendly plants around this water source, and without the added danger they’ll feel with you splashing around, you can be sure they’ll choose the fountain over your pool! 

4. Don’t Leave Food and Drink Out  

Bees and wasps always find human food and drink irresistible, and people usually have some nearby when out for a dip.

If you’re eating outside, do your best to keep food covered, drink lids closed, and don’t leave cans of sugary drinks nearby. Keep garbage bins away from the pool area as well.  

5. Call Fox Pest Control 

Most people have trouble telling bees, wasps, and hornets apart, and honestly, most of us would rather not get too close to any of them to figure out the differences. That’s okay – when you have a problem with stinging insects, call us right away. If you’re dealing with a honeybee nest and it can be safely relocated, we’ll recommend a skilled beekeeper near you who can do the job well.  

Whether they’re in the pool, near the hammock, or you need help getting rid of wasp nests in your yard, Fox Pest Control has years of experience removing wasps, hornets, and other yellow-striped flying, stinging insects from pools and yards and helping provide homeowners the peace of mind to enjoy their outdoor spaces. Call the experts at Fox Pest Control (833) 667-3785 for a free quote, or receive prompt removal and service today. 

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