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Our Fox Pest Control Core Values

Our Fox Pest Control Core Values

Our Fox Pest Control Core Values

Posted January 4, 2023

Core values are a set of principles that guide an organization. Researchers have found that they shape our beliefs, decisions, and actions, as well as build stronger connections and improve focus.

At Fox Pest Control, we are passionate about providing top-notch pest control services to our customers and we always strive to offer the highest quality of work in everything we do. The following core values reflect our commitment to excellence:

Relationship First

Trust and respect are essential to maintain a successful business relationship, and we treat everyone with dignity and respect. At Fox Pest Control, we prioritize relationship building and customer satisfaction. Our team understands that the customer is more important than the problem, so we strive to create long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with quality service and understanding their individual needs.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“Time is a non-redeemable commodity, so when we give our time to someone it builds and strengthens our relationship. Reflecting on that I’d like to shout out Rory. Just the other day I got this very thoughtful, handwritten note in the mail from her. Thank you Rory, for being an example of our core value, Relationships First!” – Chris Keenan

Extreme Ownership

We take full ownership of our work and ensure that every job is done to the highest level of quality. This means we are accountable for our work’s results and will never cut corners or take shortcuts. We understand that our customers trust us to do the job right, and we strive to exceed their expectations every time.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“I’ve just been so impressed with my team members’ willingness to step up and take extreme ownership. They forecasted ahead and got their teams staffed during a tough time in the hiring market. So I just want to thank my team for their extreme ownership.” -John Hauber


Fox Pest Control believes that family is the most important thing in life. That’s why we are dedicated to helping families feel safe and secure from pests by providing only the best pest control service. We also treat both our employees and customers like family – with compassion, respect, and understanding.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“A lot of people talk about getting drained by their job and don’t know how to recharge. After a long day, all you can think to do is something mindless, like T.V. or video games. What I have found in some of the most successful people is that when they come home they are 100% present with their family and that is what recharges them.” -Christian Thorn


To achieve our goals, we rely on the strength of our team. We believe in working together and fostering an environment of collaboration and cooperation. By supporting one another and working as a united front, we can deliver the best results for our customers.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“Jamie is a Ready-Fire-Aim guy, and I am a Ready-Aim-Aim-Aim-Fire guy. That’s just the difference between us. But even though we are different, we are complementary. Rather than just comparing your weaknesses with someone else’s strengths, let your strengths be complementary to somebody else, or to the group you work with.” -Todd Brown

Fear Not

We create a culture of courage and trust by not making decisions based on fear. Instead, we face our challenges head-on and take calculated risks that can lead to greater rewards. This allows us to be more innovative and creative in problem-solving while maintaining our high-quality level.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“It’s important that we have a good relationship with change. Fear not. Try to get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable. We can take small challenges and uncouple the thinking that change equals fear to change equals progress. Change equals something better, like all the change and growth here at Fox that has gotten us to where we are today.” -Sterling Fife

No Gossip

There is no place for gossip in the workplace. We must treat one another with respect and work together to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. This requires us to be honest and open with each other while maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“Gossip is the antithesis of teamwork. Gossip in the workplace will undermine and erode everything else we have built in our culture. When your coworker comes to work late you think ‘they are not responsible’. It’s about their character, right? But when you show up late you have a good reason. This is called the illusionary superiority bias. It’s those shoulder angels, right? So if someone does something questionable then they are of questionable character, according to your shoulder devil.

How do we slow down gossip in the workplace? We have to commit to assuming good intent, and we have to go to the source. Stop and ask the questions that will quiet down the devil and allow the angel to ask a few questions as well.” -Laken Kennington

No Limits

We strive to continually push and better ourselves. Anything is possible with the right amount of awareness, ability, and choices. We never set limits on our growth and learning, which helps us to continually improve and strive for greatness.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“It’s really easy to be in the trenches and have those horse blinders on, and that’s where we start to put the limits on ourselves. But when we zoom out we see that we have a lot more to give. Here at Fox we believe we’ve got no limits, and I believe that we truly are capable of more when we see the big picture.” -Cam Hindmarsh

Excellence in the Ordinary

We always aim for excellence in all aspects of our service – from small, routine jobs to large projects. Approaching each job with the same level of attention and expertise to deliver exceptional service each time. This allows us to build a reputation for excellence in the pest control industry.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“While landscaping my yard, I got half way done graveling when I realized I’d forgotten to put the weed block down. I was tempted to just leave it. But I thought of Jamie saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” I knew I needed to make this right. Even though it took hours of work, having the pride in doing it right was worth it when striving for excellence in the ordinary.” -Jeff Teichert

Never Give Up 

We understand that achieving success can be difficult and challenging to remain motivated at times. But we never give up – no matter the challenges or obstacles. We are determined to succeed and impose our will on the marketplace by providing nothing but the best service.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“My experience has mostly been in D2D sales. So Never Give Up applies directly, door after door. But the principle applies to anyone in the company. We impose our will on the situations we face. You gotta tell yourself what you are willing to sacrifice to make it happen. Like John Maxwell said, “Everything is uphill that’s worthwhile.” So let’s get out there in whatever way we serve and Never Give Up.” -Clark Brown

Self-Employed Mentality

At Fox Pest Control, we strive to create an environment that allows employees to act like they own the place. This means taking the initiative and ownership of tasks, thinking critically when solving problems, and proactively offering solutions. This mentality also ensures that our team members are engaged and motivated.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“We have given Caden so many different roles and so many different responsibilities and every time he has stepped up 100%, given 100%, and then he does just so many things that we don’t even ask him to do. He just sees a need, and fills a need. His leadership is just so valuable to our inside sales team which has a huge impact on Fox overall. So I just can’t shout him out enough.” -Steve Short Shouted to Caden Lindley

Marketplace Service

The ultimate goal of Fox Pest Control is to be the best in the industry and provide unparalleled service for our customers. We believe in servicing the marketplace with quality products, outstanding customer service, honesty, integrity, and a commitment to always put the customer first while creating an enjoyable work environment for our team members. By finding ways to help more people, we can ensure that our business is flourishing and that our customers are taken care of.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“We look at Fox and it’s like the Missouri River. Where was the spring that started Fox? Our first branch, Oxford, where our pioneer owners took care of the source, every customer, and they each mattered. And now it feels like Fox is this great unstoppable river. But if we stop doing the little things then our river can dry up.” -Jamie Holyoak

Momentum Theory

We use the Momentum Theory to help drive our success and to create an unstoppable force. We know that focused intensity over time, multiplied by God’s grace, can lead to great accomplishment. This theory helps us stay motivated and keep taking steps forward toward our goals, no matter how difficult the journey may be. We rely on these principles to help build a strong foundation for our business and guide us through any obstacles we may face.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“Re’Juan hasn’t been with us a year yet, but I’ll tell you this guy is a Swiss Army knife! He did some door to door for us, he’s done regular pest control, Sentricon, and now he’s doing mosquitoes. He has volunteered for all of this, and we can’t ask for more than that. We love his momentum!” -Carlos Elwherotter

Righteous Living

Fox Pest Control’s ultimate success is based on our technical knowledge, skills, and commitment to living righteously. We believe in doing the right thing, no matter the cost. This includes treating each other with respect and integrity, being honest in all our dealings, and always putting the customer’s needs first. This helps us create a work environment where everyone can thrive and be their best.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“There is a general character that you can feel in groups . . . and this group has a lot of good, hard working individuals that have come together for the same purpose. One thing that I like about Fox culture is that it feels like a start-up, where everyone kind of has to wear different hats to do the things that need to get done and say, ‘let’s just do it!’ -Dallin Malm

Altitude and Effort

Having the right attitude and giving our best effort sets us apart from the competition. Fox Pest Control employees are expected to have a positive, can-do attitude and to always be ready to tackle any task that comes their way. We put in the extra effort to ensure that our customers’ needs are met and that we provide the highest level of service possible. This helps us build a reputation for quality, reliability, and professionalism.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“Buffalo Branch Office Manager Corey Shepherd is understaffed right now, and there are times when he comes in and he is the only one in the office, and he’s always got a can-do attitude. His techs Earl Golden and Bob Hofner should also be commended because they chat in each evening and say, ‘is there anything we can do before we leave for the night?’ and that is AWESOME!” -Jeffery Harms

Lift Where You Stand

The most essential job in our company is the one you currently hold. We understand that each position is vital to our success and must be taken seriously. This means always striving for excellence, taking pride in your work, and not falling into complacency. It also means understanding that every job matters and that each person’s contributions are valuable. In this way, we can ensure that Fox Pest Control continues to grow and thrive in the future.

A note from our Fox Family: 

“As leaders we hire people because of their strengths, not because of their weaknesses. Sometimes as leaders we think we need to do everything, but when we have a full team around we need to make sure that everybody lifts from their strong point. The team is the strongest when we play to each of our strengths.” -Jerem Scholes


Fox Pest Control is more than just a business. We are crusaders for the industry, working to make it better every day. This means finding new solutions, pushing boundaries, and leading the way in customer service excellence. Our team members are passionate about what they do, and they believe in the work they are doing. They also understand that their work makes a difference in people’s lives, and they are proud to be part of something much bigger than themselves.

A note from our Fox Family:

“There are a lot of families that rely on our ability to attain and maintain our customer base. As you roll up your sleeves and you go to work, know that this is sacred work. Thank you for emulating our core values every day. It’s going to be in our consistent effort to do that day in and day out that we’re going to continue to have the success that we’re used to.” -Jamie Holyoak

Shoot Sacred Cows

Challenging traditional thinking is something we strive to do at Fox Pest Control. We are not afraid to take risks, look for radical solutions, and go against the grain when necessary. Our team members are encouraged to think outside the box and develop innovative ideas that may challenge current practices or beliefs. However, even as we push boundaries, we remember to stay true to our core values. We believe in doing what is right, no matter how controversial.

A note from our Fox Family:

“The problem with sacred cows is that they often work really, really well; so well that we’re comfortable. My dad was the hardest working man I know and he had a lot of talents but he conformed to what his dad had done. I was determined to do it differently and that led me to join the church I am a member of now. I did it differently from a professional perspective, and became my own boss. I exploded with growth when I shot some sacred cows. It’s been said, “Sacred cows make great hamburgers.” Maybe it’s time for us to go to the slaughter house and make some good hamburgers!” -Jason Thompson

Share the Profits

At Fox Pest Control, we understand that everyone needs to benefit from the company’s success. We are committed to sharing the profits with all our team members, regardless of their job titles or position. This helps ensure that everyone feels like they are part of something special and that each person’s contributions are valued. In this way, we create a sense of unity and camaraderie that helps us stay focused on our shared goals.

A note from our Fox Family:

“One of the ways we Share the Profits is by taking care of people in the community, whether it’s financially or otherwise. When we Share the Profits we provide freedom and flexibility, and that provides manpower and also financial capital to donate and help people out. Congratulations to you Fox team members for doing that; for making it part of the lifestyle and a value that we all believe in and live by.” -Cody Wadsworth

These core values are the foundation upon which Fox Pest Control is built. We strive to live up to these ideals, no matter how difficult it may be. Our commitment to living righteously, taking risks, and working hard helps us create a culture of success and will continue to guide us into the future.

Whether as a team member or a customer, working with Fox Pest Control means you can expect exceptional service and professionalism every time. We are committed to ensuring our customers receive the best possible experience and strive to ensure that our team members feel valued, respected, and supported.

With Fox Pest Control, you can be confident that you are a part of our Fox Family and will have the support you need to reach your goals and grow. Contact us today and see why Fox Pest Control is the premier provider of pest control services in your region. We look forward to hearing from you!

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