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The Ancients Among Us: Insects that Have Been Around Forever

The Ancients Among Us: Insects that Have Been Around Forever

Have you ever wondered what the oldest living insects on our planet are? We’ve got answers! Some of these little guys have been around for hundreds of millions of years, and they’re still going strong. It’s wild to think some of these critters have outlasted the dinosaurs! These insects have stood the test of time, from the destructive termite to the fearsome dragonfly.     

Let’s take a little trip back in time to meet some of the prehistoric bugs that are still around. They are truly the bug world veterans, and they’re a fascinating bunch.  

1. Spiders: 500 Million Years Old

Did you know spiders are some of the oldest insects on the planet and have been creeping around for about 500 million years? With over 45,000 species scattered across the globe, they’re also one of the most widespread groups of animals.  

2. Silverfish: Over 400 Million Years Old 

Silverfish are tiny, wingless bugs with a shiny, silvery-blue color that gives them their name. Fun fact: one of the oldest known insects, from about 385 million years ago, was a silverfish-like critter! There are over 120 species of them all over the world today.   

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3. Dragonfly: 406 Million Years Old 

Dragonflies are some of the coolest and longest-living animals around, and they’ve been fascinating us for a very long time—about 406 million years, to be exact! They’re truly global citizens, found in almost every part of the world with over 7,000 species.  

4. Beetles: 327 Million Years Old 

Dragonflies are one of the most iconic insects and are some of the oldest insects around. They evolved about 300 million years ago and were some of the first winged insects. Today, there are over 7,000 different dragonfly species found all over the world. They’re predators and use their keen eyesight and flying skills to chase down their prey. And their larvae are also predators, living in water and using long, extendable jaws to capture their victims.

5. Wasps: 240 Million Years Old 

Wasps are another familiar and feared insect, and they’re thought to have been buzzing around Earth for around 240 million years. With over 30,000 different species, they’re in every corner of the globe. Removing wasp nests from your home isn’t the safest DIY project, so be sure to call Fox Pest Control if you have a wasp problem.  

6. Mosquitos: 225 Million Years Old

Mosquitos are the ultimate annoying and dangerous insect. Scientists believe these pesky critters have been buzzing around for a mind-boggling 226 million years! The oldest mosquito fossil is 79 million years old. Today, over 3,500 different mosquito species are found all over the world.   

7. Earwigs: 208 Million Years Old

Earwigs are quirky little bugs with long, pointy “pincers” that make them stand out. The oldest earwig fossil is around 208 million years old, which is pretty impressive! There are over 2,000 different earwig species strutting their stuff worldwide.   

8. Ants: 140 – 168 Million Years Old

Ants are also among the oldest living insects in the world. Scientists think ants have been hustling around the planet for about 140 – 168 million years, which is pretty impressive, right?  Over 12,500 ant species make their way into almost every nook and cranny of the world, except for chilly Antarctica. Some estimates say there could be up to 20 quadrillion individual ants out there doing their thing.   

9. Bees: 130 Million Years Old 

Bees are another ancient insect, with fossil records showing they’ve been buzzing around for about 130 million years! There are over 20,000 different bee species, each with its own vibe and habitat. Bees play a major role in pollinating plants and flowers, helping our gardens bloom and crops thrive. They’re the masterminds behind honey production, giving us that sweet golden goodness we love so much.  

10. Cockroaches: 125 – 140 Million Years Old

You may have heard that cockroaches are the oldest living insect, but that’s not quite true. While they haven’t been around as long as some insects, these guys have been hanging around for about 125-140 million years, which is still pretty impressive. There are over 4,600 cockroaches on every continent except Antarctica. Understanding cockroaches and their habits can also help keep them from crashing into your sweet home.  

11. Termites: 120 Million Years Old

Termites are tiny, colony-living insects that have been on Earth for around 120 million years. There are over 2,000 different termite species found all over the world, famous for their wood-eating skills. While they play an important role in nature by recycling dead wood, termites can also be major agricultural pests, causing billions of dollars in damage each year.   

12. Grasshoppers: 65 Million Years Old

Grasshoppers have been hopping around for about 65 million years, making them some of the oldest living insects. These ancient bugs are part of the Orthoptera group, and there are over 8,000 species found all over the world today.   

These ancient insects are like living fossils, fascinating but often unwelcome in our homes. Fox Pest Control respects their history, but also understands the need for a comfortable living space without pests. Whether you’re dealing with termites, cockroaches, or any other pesky invaders, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate!    

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