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Are Older Homes at a Higher Risk for Termite Infestation?

Are Older Homes at a Higher Risk for Termite Infestation?

With an extremely tight housing market, some home buyers are opting to forgo inspections to make their bids more appealing. And while that could win you the house, it could also come with huge costs if you miss evidence of a termite problem.

So, are you safer if the house is newer construction? Or – to put it more bluntly – are older homes at higher risk of a termite problem?

In real estate terms, anything built after 1990 is considered newer and before that is older. And experts say older homes are at higher risk of having termite damage. This is both a factor of age and maintenance but also a factor of building materials. Modern construction materials are a bit more termite resistant than wood frame construction of the past.

Are Older Homes More Likely to Have Termites?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean you should let fear of termites keep you from buying an amazing old house.

Bankrate recommends conducting a thorough inspection of older homes before making an offer. If you see evidence of termite damage, hire a professional termite expert to determine how extensive the damage is. The reality is that many homes in Boston – and the surrounding area – are old enough that they might have had a termite problem at one point… but that might not be enough to keep you out of your dream house.

Even an active termite problem might not be a reason to nix the deal. If you find a house you love with a termite infestation, talk to the owner about getting professionals out to address the problem as soon as possible. And don’t finalize the deal until you are sure the termites are gone… and you have a trustworthy estimate for any related repairs. You might even be able to negotiate a discounted price. However, if you’re in a hurry to buy, this is not a great option. 

How Do You Treat an Old Home for Termites?

Pest control professionals use a myriad of tools. Everything from the naked eye to specially trained dogs can be used to find termites in your house. When you have an inspection, they will be able to point out the signs of a termite issue and recommend a solution based on the type of termites they find.

Not all termites are the same, so not all treatment options are the same. Your pest control expert will make recommendations based on the type of termite, the degree of infestation, and how much damage is already done. They may make landscaping recommendations in addition to using various pesticides to kill off the colony.

Hire Fox Pest Control for Your Termite Inspection

If you are considering selling – or buying – an older home that might have a termite infestation, the experts at Fox Pest Control are here to help. Our experts will tell you how bad the damage is and how we can help you keep it from getting worse. To get started, contact us today.

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