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Fox Pest Control’s Boxelder Bug Exterminator Service

Boxelder bug infestations  are the worst. These red or orange and black bugs scurry all around your house making it critical to get rid of boxelder bugs.  That’s where we come in: Fox Pest Control can help you control boxelder bugs and give you your house back.

Signs of a Boxelder Bug Infestation

You might already know you have a boxelder bug infestation, but here are a couple of the most common signs  boxelder bug exterminators look for.


Large gatherings or clumps of bugs on the sides of houses, cars, windows, window wells, or trees.

Boxelder bugs generally appear in the fall and spring, usually in large numbers.Boxelder bugs generally appear during the fall and spring months.Boxelder bugs generally appear in the fall and spring, usually in large numbers.

Things You Should Know About Boxelder Bugs

  • Boxelder bug exterminators categorized them as nuisance pests.
  • The bug’s lifestyle makes it difficult to get rid of boxelder bugs. 
  • These bugs stay warm and hibernate inside the walls and crevices of  homes in your area.
  • In late March or early April, the adults come out of hibernation to lay eggs.
  • Once the eggs hatch, the new nymphs mature and mate in order to lay more eggs, perpetuating the boxelder bug infestation cycle.
  • If you don’t catch these bugs early, you’ll have a full-fledged boxelder bug infestation on your hands. And killing them yourself is not the answer. Boxelder bugs produce a yellow stain and foul odor when squished.

Helpful Boxelder Bug Prevention Tips:

  • Ensuring seals around doors, windows and foundations in homes around is important.
  • Make sure door and window screens are in good condition, as well.
  • To temporarily get rid of boxelder bugs in a certain area of your home, you can vacuum them up and seal the contents in the freezer overnight. They won’t survive the cold temperatures.

How Do I Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs?

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Your technician will conduct a thorough pest control inspection of your home and property in order to provide a customized boxelder bug treatment plan that will be most effective for your situation.


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Boxelder Bug Control FAQ

Why should I get rid of Boxelder bugs?

Boxelder bugs crawl into the wall voids of your home during the winter to stay warm. Even though they aren’t dangerous, eventually they could create a massive infestation throughout your house.

How do I know if I have a major infestation of Boxelder bugs?

You know you have to get rid of box elder bugs if you see them crawling out of electrical wall outlets, ceiling lights or fans, or other cracks inside the house.

Do Boxelder bugs bite? Are Boxelder bugs dangerous?

Boxelder bugs don’t bite; they can’t transmit disease; they don’t eat or contaminate our food; and they don’t cause structural damage. But they can be a significant nuisance when congregating in large numbers in and around your home..

How does Fox Pest Control treat Boxelder bugs?

When a Fox Pest Control technician comes, they will inspect your property, make an assessment based on the Boxelder bug activity, and implement a unique treatment plan tailored to your needs.

What products does Fox use to get rid of Boxelder bugs?

Each situation is different, and we may use different products in different cases. You can speak to our customer service representatives for a detailed list of products used during your treatment program.

Can I get rid of Boxelder bugs by myself?

The most effective way to get rid of a box elder bug infestation is with Fox Pest Control. Non-professional products could kill a few bugs but force the rest to hide in deeper cracks and crevices, thereby further entrenching themselves in your home and worsening the problem.

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