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Fox Pest Controls Sponsors WHALE

Fox Pest Controls Sponsors WHALE

Daily, team members at each of the different Fox Pest Control branches are afforded the privilege of taking in the rich and unique heritage of the area they are serving by traveling throughout the community. When asked what the team at Fox Pest Control’s branch in Eastern Massachusetts loved about their commute or on-the-clock travels, they shared that the area was rich in history and it was quite noticeable that preservation was being done to keep charm and culture in the area. All of these things have actually led several of our team members to take up interest in the history of the area. 

It is this interest and the understanding that history deserves to be preserved that led Fox Pest Control’s Eastern Massachusetts branch to become a sponsor of the Waterfront Historic Area LeaguE (WHALE), a non-profit organization in New Bedford that works to ensure the restoration and preservation projects. 

Since 1962, WHALE has been on a mission to foster and ensure historic preservation and continued use of the city’s architectural heritage to enhance community and economic vitality in New Bedford. WHALE has been able to accomplish its mission through the restoration and reuse of historic structures for the economic and community development of the city. According to WHALE, their work would not be possible without the support and generosity of individuals, businesses and others in the community. 

Because of its non-profit status, WHALE can enter into a variety of real estate transactions including purchase, rehabilitation, sale and deed restrictions. With these capabilities, WHALE has been able to save properties which could not be handled by the private sector. WHALE has facilitated the completion of more than 70 restoration and preservation projects in the New Bedford area in the last 69 years. 

But WHALE isn’t just saving buildings, the restored and preserved properties help provide commercial development and affordable housing to low-and moderate-income individuals and families. Additionally, WHALE promotes arts and culture, and educates on the importance of the historic and architectural culture of New Bedford’s diverse people.

We love that WHALE is embracing teamwork (one of Fox’s Core Values) to help not only protect the past, but to help ensure a bright, beautiful future for New Bedford. You can learn more about WHALE and find a list of all their completed projects at

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