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Typical Flemington Pest Control Problems

The town of Flemington is surrounded by the town of Raritan. Flemington is a relatively small town, but the pest problems can be significant. Flemington exterminators are kept busy year-round. Warm, humid summers create the perfect conditions for backyard invasions from wasps, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. Indoors, there’s a need to control carpenter ants, roaches, termites, and bed bugs. Flemington pest control picks up again when the temperatures drop in the fall as rodent infestations become a problem. There’s plenty for Flemington-area homeowners to worry about, but Fox Pest Control is always just a phone call away.

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Common Pests in Flemington, NJ

Looking for reliable Flemington, NJ pest control to tackle those pesky intruders? Here are the most common pests in Flemington and the treatments exterminators can use to get rid of them:

mouse and rodent exterminator in flemington, nj
  • Mosquitoes: Found outdoors in yards and gardens, especially near standing water. We’ll inspect your property and the nearby flora and landscape and give you tips for cutting down on mosquito activity near your home. We’ll treat the areas where mosquitoes might be breeding and schedule a follow-up visit as part of our Yard Enjoyment Plan.
  • Ticks: Commonly found in wooded areas, tall grass, and shrubs. Our experienced exterminators can perform tick checks and apply effective treatments to reduce their presence around your property. Ticks can carry diseases such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever in New Jersey – so quick and effective extermination is extremely important.
  • Stink Bugs: Invade homes during the fall, seeking shelter from the cold. While not particularly damaging to your home, they’re unpleasant guests, and we’ll help you eliminate them from your living spaces.
  • Termites: Typically found in concealed areas like basements and crawl spaces. Let our experts identify termite infestations early on and provide tailored treatment options. Termites are a serious issue that can impact the structure of your home and outbuildings – call us quickly for an inspection and to sign up for our Termite Defense Plan.
  • Carpenter Ants: Nest inside damp or decaying wood, often found in attics and walls. Humid summers in Flemington can create a very hospitable environment for these invaders. Our skilled team can locate nests and implement effective ant eradication methods. Carpenter ants can ruin structures and cause aesthetic issues with siding and trim. Quick treatment can make all the difference in eradicating these damaging pests.
  • Wasps and Hornets: Build nests in sheltered locations like eaves, attics, and tree branches. Their stings are painful and can be dangerous for those with allergies to bee and wasp venom. Not only does our team remove nests and treat the nest site – we’ll help you mitigate future nests with a Home Protection Plan and some advice on the best way to keep bees and wasps from nesting on your property.
  • Beetles: Feed on a wide range of plants in gardens and landscapes. Our skilled professionals will handle these voracious pests and safeguard your plants.
  • Mice and Rats: Can be found anywhere in the home, particularly in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and kitchen areas. Seasonally the fall is the most critical time to have a mouse and rat exterminator visit your Flemington, NJ home. Rodents are moving inside to avoid the cold temperatures, and we’re buttoning up our homes to prevent the cold from coming in – this can trap the mice inside. Our services include thorough inspections and effective rodent removal techniques.
  • Spiders: Commonly found in dark and undisturbed areas like basements, closets, and corners. Our experienced team will ensure your home stays spider-free.

Serving Flemington, NJ, and Nearby Areas

Our team has been carefully created, and we have the best pest control technicians in the Flemington area ready to help you with any extermination needs.  Whether you’re in a more rural home or an apartment complex – our team can help you deal with all types of pests – from rodents to ants and spiders – and many options in between.

We serve all the neighborhoods within Flemington, including Cloverhill / Reaville, Muirhead, Bartles Corners / Croton, Copper Hill / Larisons Corners, Borough Center, and Flemington East.  Our team is prepared to address your issue quickly – and in some cases, we can even schedule a technician to visit the same day you call.  

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How Do I Get Rid of Pests in Flemington?

Step 1: Schedule

Call (908) 869-8593 for a free inspection. If you call before 2:00 pm, we can often come that day!

Remote locations & other conditions may require next-day service.

Step 2: Treatment

A certified technician will inspect your property & provide customized pest control treatment based on the inspection results.

Step 3: Follow Up

Each service provides a detailed report & helpful tips to keep pests away. We return regularly throughout the year, increasing protection with every visit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you see pest activity between your regularly scheduled services, we will return free of charge!

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Our Connection to Flemington

We at Fox Pest Control are proud to be a part of Flemington. Our team of local technicians in Flemington has a deep connection with the area. They understand what homeowners are up against when it comes to Flemington pest control.  In their off time, you can find them enjoying all Flemington has to offer with their friends and family. They might stop in for a trim at Matt’s Barber Shop – or duck in for an everything bagel with pork roll, egg, and cheese at Main Street Bagel.

You’re likely to find everyone at Diamond Nation sometime during the year, cheering on the local team or catching a little league softball or baseball game.  Our team is entrenched in our local community – they work, live, and play here.  We’d love to add you to the team – give us a call today for help with your pest control needs, or to learn more about our Home Protection Plan!

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Wildlife Removal in Flemington, NJ

While Fox Pest Control no longer performs critter or wildlife removal in Flemington; our sister company can help you with raccoons, opossums, bats, squirrels, and other types of invasive wildlife. Contact Critter Control for more information and assistance. 

Related Services in Flemington, NJ

Once our team has exterminated your pest problem – you may need some help fixing the damage they left behind – or just performing a deep clean of your home to erase any trace of that infestation. The companies listed below operate in Flemington and may be able to help.  

Please note – inclusion on this list does not equal endorsement, and this list is provided solely as a courtesy for the clients of Fox Pest in Flemington; we encourage you to do your own research before choosing a company to assist.


Handyman on Call – Flemington
Phone: (908) 437-8856 – Flemington
Phone: (908) 806-0111

Cleaning Company:

Crystal Clean by KK
Phone: 908-992-2444

Williamson’s Cleaning Service
Phone: 908-566-5566

Roofing Contractor:

Strober Roofing & Maintenance
Phone: 908-399-3618

Safeway Roofing & Replacement
Phone: (800) 887-7795

HVAC Company:

Davis Heating & Cooling
Phone: (908) 312-7163

Shamanski Heating & Cooling
Phone: (908) 543-4822

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Fox Pest Control provides pest control services in Flemington and the surrounding areas, including:

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