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An ideal location for Chicago commuters, Des Plaines is located less than 20 miles from downtown Chicago and has a wide variety of things to do, away from the bustle of the city. One of the greatest benefits to living in Des Plaines is being just minutes away from O’Hare International Airport and having the ability to hop on the train and be in downtown Chicago in 30 minutes. Besides the daily commuters, the city is home to another kind of traveler. Flying insects. Wasps are most famous for the painful stings that they deliver, and their ability to ruin a summer day

Wasps are also well known for the various nests they build, like the umbrella wasps with their open comb and the bald-faced hornets with their ball-shaped paper nest. Some yellowjackets build colonies underground, inside attics, in soffits, or in wall voids. In extreme cases, wasps have been known to burrow into the house and gain access inside. If wasps are building nests in your home or around your property, call Fox Pest Control immediately. Our Des Plaines Pest Control professionals will remove the nests so you can enjoy all that the summer has to offer in your beautiful Des Plaines home.

Another common pest that Des Plaines homeowners face is rodents. Mice and rats spend most of the year happily outside, but as the cold Illinois winters begin, these rodents begin looking for safe, warm places to live. Your house is the perfect solution, and they will find any crack or hole to sneak in through. This could be cracks in the foundation, a gap from an air conditioning line, or unscreened attic vents. Tree branches and shrubbery near a home creates easy access points for rodents, so make sure to trim these in the early fall. Once they have made their way into your home, mice and rats find secluded areas such as basements, in the walls, or under appliances to set up their home. While seeing a single rodent doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an infestation, try to locate where they may be living and eliminate safe spaces for them. Our Des Plaines pest control professional will be able to quickly locate the source of the problem and eliminate a future full blown infestation.

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Fox Pest Control’s Connection to Des Plaines

Here at Fox Pest Control, we take pride in being connected to the communities we serve. Des Plaines is no exception. Christopher Lee, a member of our team here at Fox, spent 3 years of his early childhood in Des Plaines. He and his family moved to the wonderful town after living in the heart of Chicago in his infancy. From Des Plaines, they moved down to Woodridge, where he spent his formative years. Being a native of the surrounding Chicago areas, Chris knows all the best spots for restaurants and parks, and often visits Des Plaines and the surrounding communities. 

Our team of technicians speak highly of the food in Des Plaines, and they frequent American Wildburger for unique, delicious food and a great atmosphere. If they’re feeling more adventurous, they go to Restaurant Mehanata for delicious Bulgarian BBQ and cuisine. There’s nothing better than a filling meal after a long day of hard work!

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