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Do Rodent Repellents Work?

Do Rodent Repellents Work?

The nights are getting cooler… and rodents are looking for a warm place to snuggle in for the fall and winter. Once they get there, they’ll be tearing up the place to make nice nests for the huge number of babies they can have.

Some rodents, like rats, can have a litter every 23 days!

So, what do you do to keep these destructive and disease-carrying rodents out of your house?

Will Certain Smells Keep Rodents Away?

DIY advice suggests that perhaps the presence of strong smells keep rodents away or even a natural predator – like a cat – might discourage rodents from moving into your house. In reality, strong smells are unlikely to work. After all, we know rats in particular love sewers… so smell isn’t chasing them away.

As for rodents being deterred by the smell of a predator, that doesn’t quite work either. A cat might be a great family pet, but chances are you aren’t letting your cat into the walls and attic recesses where mice and squirrels are sneaking in to build their nests.

Another suggestion is commercial rodent repellents – such as the ones using sound to send rodents scurrying the other way. The problem is that these are generally untested and of questionable value to start with (and then you need a power source). If the place the rodents are getting in is far from an outlet, that means batteries… and nobody wants to be changing batteries all winter.

What Materials Can Mice Not Chew Through?

There are some materials that are used for exclusion to keep rodents from getting into your home, materials mice cannot chew through. These include things like hardware cloth and steel wool. 

Steel wool is a good deterrent because mice and other rodents usually can’t chew through it, and if they do, it is likely to be fatal for them. Knowing how and where to use these exclusion materials is important if you want them to be effective. Many do-it-yourself attempts fail, so professional pest control is needed to be sure your home and family are protected from rats and mice.

And while these little creatures might not look like a big deal at first… they can cause extensive damage to the walls and insulation in your home. Worse yet, they can bring fleas, lice, and other parasites that pose a health threat to you and your family.

Professional pest control is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to get rid of a rodent infestation. Your pest control professional may also offer tips and suggestions meant to deter the pests from looking at your home in the first place. Ultimately, professionals are the ones best equipped to find the source of the home invasion and stop it.

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Bug and rodent infestations can begin long before you notice signs of a problem. Preventive treatment can keep pests under control and save you money in the long run. For the best help in deterring rodent invaders, call Fox Pest Control today!

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