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Typical Greenwich Pest Control Problems

Greenwich is an extremely beautiful area, ideal for golf courses, parks, and forest preserves. There are numerous waterways, like Putnam Lake, Rockwood Lake Converse Lake, and others. As in many other places throughout Connecticut, these beautiful characteristics contribute to the pest pressures that residents throughout Greenwich have to contend with, including mosquitoes and rodents. 

Greenwich is replete with waterways that can contribute to the population of mosquitoes throughout the city. Anywhere with standing water is a prime location for many types of mosquitoes. Mosquito bites may only raise a bump on the skin for a while, but these pests can also carry Zika Virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue fever, malaria, and West Nile virus, to name a few.

During the winter, rodents like mice and rats are the most common and most pervasive pest problem throughout all of Connecticut. Mice and rats wiggle their way through tiny gaps in homes or businesses (like restaurants) and hide in kitchens, basements, attics, and anywhere with food and water nearby. They chew up carpeting, wooden structures, walls, and even electrical wiring. They can break into food storage and contaminate everything they come into contact with. T Not only do they spread diseases like hantavirus, rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, and the plague, but they can also spread ticks and fleas through the home or building, even during the winter. If you suspect an infestation, simply call Fox Pest Control to take care of the problem.

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Our Connection to Greenwich

Pest Pro Austin Forlenzo was raised in Greenwich. While he doesn’t live in the area anymore, he cherishes the time he spent there.  His favorite memory from the Greenwich area is going to Todd’s Point and enjoying the beach with friends and family. Whether driving through or in need of a quick return to his roots, Austin never passes up an opportunity to stop in Greenwich. 

Many of our Fox Pest Pros enjoy going to Greenwich’s famous Audubon Center with their children. The center is an environmental education society that protects nature and wildlife from the population. It’s the perfect way for our team to spend time with their families while becoming more educated together about wildlife and nature by walking the trails and interacting with staff.

Michael Sneed is one of Fox Pest Control’s many hardworking professionals. Michael moved to Connecticut from Great Plains, NY 16 years ago and has enjoyed meeting new people and visiting new places since joining the Fox Family.  Along with servicing cities like Stamford, Michael also makes the long drive from Fox’s office in Oxford all the way to Greenwich every week. As a Greenwich pest control technician, he’s learned so many things about the charming town. 

Because Greenwich is filled with beautiful homes and shops, Michael jokingly compared it to the best version of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones. However, unlike King’s Landing, Greenwich is filled with people he loves interacting with – even beloved Yankees baseball players. Michael had the pleasure of servicing a former Yankee player’s home regularly. While there, he chatted with the legend and even received Yankees memorabilia from him and his wife. The kind athlete also left Michael with a little insight into his career when he commented, “If I knew what pitcher was coming, I’d still be playing today.” Who could it be?

Michael has also come to appreciate the wonderful food Greenwich has to offer. Any long day’s work calls for a good meal, and he enjoys treating himself to meals at Sound Beach Pizza, Grill & Delicatessen. The owners there know Michael’s ready for some good pizza and great conversation when they see the Fox truck outside. As Michael said, “They know the Fox truck, and they know me.” 

One of the highlights of Michael’s route is visiting the flower shop, Winston Flower, in Downtown Greewich. He considers the Downtown Greenwich shopping area one of the town’s crowning jewels, and Winston Flower is no different.He loves looking at the beautiful floral arrangements everytime he walks in the doors. Fox has been servicing the shop for years, and Michael happily carries out the tradition of keeping the shop pest-free so customers can purchase the healthiest arrangements possible from its talented florists.  

On a broader level, we at Fox try to stay connected with our community are are constantly looking for opportunities to support organizations, clubs, and events that add value to those who live in our service areas. In November of 2020, we partnered with an incredible organization called Greenwich Moms. Greenwich Moms provides local parents with all the resources and tips they  need to navigate life in Greenwich.  We were so lucky to work with them, learn more about beautiful Greenwich, and share our pest control services.

We want to thank Michael for the hard work he puts into every one of his services in the area. There truly is no better Greenwich exterminator! We’d also like to thank Greenwich Moms for welcoming us into their community.

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