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Fox Sponsors Crossroads Business and Education Center

Fox Sponsors Crossroads Business and Education Center

Because of their instant connection to the organization’s mission, and a like-minded focus on career development, Fox Pest Control’s team in the Corpus Christi branch has committed to sponsoring Crossroads Business and Education Center (CBEC).

Located in Victoria, TX, CBEC works to bring together businesses and community members to help students prepare for the workforce, higher education or training. 

VBEC has a robust portfolio of program offerings. While all of the programs are fantastic, we fell in love with these two programs as they align very closely with the core values that we live and work by at Fox Pest Control

  • YOUth LEADership Conference: An annual four-day event offering 7th grade students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and acquire characteristics, attributes and attitudes for excelling in the workplace and life. These skills include collaboration, teamwork, accountability and etiquette. 
  • Career Connections: Offers students everything they need to help them better understand career opportunities. The program includes career fairs, career speakers, career advisors, workshops, business and industry tours, job shadowing and student internships/apprenticeships.

VBEC is completely run off of grants, donations and by volunteers, They are always looking for new folks to join their cause and monetary support. Learn more about VBEC and contribution opportunities here.

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