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Protect Your Cabin From Pests

Protect Your Cabin From Pests

Protect Your Cabin From Pests

Posted May 12, 2021

When your cabin or second home is left unattended, whether it be for a few weeks or for an entire season, pests and critters of all kinds will make themselves at home. Here at Fox Pest Control, we’ve been helping folks keep their second home problem free for years. With these tricks, the biggest problem you will have is how long your in-laws are staying.


There are many areas outside the home that can lead to pest problems. Here’s some things to look at:


Trees near your home can provide easy access for small animals to get onto your roof or in your attic. Carefully cut down branches that overhang your roof to keep squirrels and rats off your home. You can also look for small holes in trees that may indicate carpenter ants or termites. 


Look around your yard and make sure there aren’t any holes dug by animals. If there is, try to cover them, or better yet fill them in. Even deserted burrows can become home to all kinds of pests. 

Standing Water

Standing water near a home can attract thirsty wildlife and become a breeding ground for insects. Get rid of it.


The foundation of your home is the easiest entrance point for most bugs and small animals. Fill all cracks and holes to prevent an infestation inside the home.


The inside of your home will show tell-tale signs of issues, even if you haven’t seen any pests yet.


Look for marks or cracks in the walls. Brown stains could be droppings and a sign of bed bugs or cockroaches. Grease marks on the walls or in cabinets can be a sign of rodent activity. Paint peeling back from the wall could be a sign of termites.

Floor and Ceilings

Take a look at where the walls meet the ceiling. Cockroaches tend to roam around on the ceiling and can be found in these areas. You may spot spider webs here as well. If they are present, it’s a sure sign other bugs are around too. You will want to make sure the baseboards are sealed to the wall and are flush with the floor. Additionally, look for any rodent droppings or holes.


Checking pipes around your home is another great way to keep pests away. Look under sinks and toilets for signs of water damage or a leak. Remember, standing water creates a potential breeding ground for insects. 

Call for Help

Does the task of debugging your second home seem daunting? Just don’t want to go through the effort? Our team of professionals here at Fox Pest Control is happy to help. Give us a call today at (855) 459-0722 and have a licenced technician take care of your pest problems for you.

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