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Declare Your Independence From Bugs This 4th of July

Declare Your Independence From Bugs This 4th of July

Declare Your Independence From Bugs This 4th of July

Posted July 2, 2021

We American’s love to celebrate things, birthdays, anniversaries, raises at work, and holidays. One of our largest celebrations each year is the day we gained independence from Great Britain, all those years ago. This 4th of July we want you to celebrate however you see fit, and do so bug-free. Here’s some tips to help you enjoy your holiday without any pests. 

5 Tips for a Bug Free Holiday

The best way to keep bugs away is to be proactive. Follow these tips to get rid of insects before they have a chance to ruin your fun.

Get Some Fans: 

Before celebrations start this weekend, turn on some circulating fans outside. Flying insects have a hard time flying into the wind, and a couple fans should deter them. 

Find Your Favorite Scent:

 Insects are easily discouraged by various smells, and having these at your gathering are a sure way to avoid problems. Citronella will keep mosquitoes away, the smell of peppermint will keep gnats away, and essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus will keep flies away. Take your pick, or use a few for maximum coverage.

Get Rid of Standing Water:

 Leading up to your event, check around your yard for standing water. Whether it’s in a rain bucket, flower bed, or playset, standing water creates a haven for mosquitoes. Get rid of it.

Cover the Garbage:

 Whether you’re having a cookout or potluck, making sure that all finished food is placed into a covered container after use is the best practice to keep bugs away. Flies and ants love eating scraps, so get rid of them before they have the chance to arrive.

Call the Professionals:

If keeping insects in check seems impossible this weekend, Fox Pest Control knows just what to do. Call (855) 953-2002 today and one of our licensed technicians would be happy to come inspect your home

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