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Fox’s 2020 Pest Recap

Fox’s 2020 Pest Recap

Fox’s 2020 Pest Recap

Posted March 26, 2021

The numbers are in, and we have to say that 2020 was a pretty buggy year!  It was a year spent taking care of ants, rodents, spiders, wasps, and other pest issues. After looking at all of our pest-specific calls for the year, we would like to present the Fox 2020 Leaderboard for pests and cities. Unsurprisingly, Corpus Christi ranked number one for the buggiest city we service, appearing in the top 3 of almost every one of the “Top 10 Pests of 2020”. Did your hometown make the list?

Ants were the most called about pest problem this past year with rodents and spiders following close behind. We will have to see if ants hold the top spot in 2021 or if another pest will become the biggest pest issue. What we can say for sure is that you will want to make sure you are taking preventative measures to keep pests away from your home this year. 

As spring approaches, you will probably notice an increase in bug activity. You can download our free Spring Cleaning Checklist to make sure you are keeping up on tasks that will help keep the bugs away. Looking for pest control services near you? Give us a call at (855) 953-2002 or contact us here for a free estimate!

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