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Fox’s 7 Fun Fall Activities

Fox’s 7 Fun Fall Activities

Fox’s 7 Fun Fall Activities

Posted October 14, 2020

It’s fall, y’all! Fall time brings beautiful colors, cooler temperatures, and a season of festive fun with family and friends. But the changing season can bring unwelcome visitors that can disrupt all that fall fun. Here are seven of our favorite fall activities and tips for keeping pests from ruining them.

1. Gather Around a Campfire

There’s nothing better than sitting around a fire with family and friends where you can share spooky stories and perfect your marshmallow roasting technique! 

Tip: Unfortunately, insects like beetles, termites, ants, and even hornets can be lurking in your wood pile. To help prevent these pests from nesting, be sure to dry your wood and store it off the ground. Also, keep the firewood at least 20 feet from your home to prevent pests from entering. 

2. Go Apple Picking

Find a local orchard and spend the afternoon picking your own farm fresh apples. You can even make a picnic out of it by bringing a blanket and some snacks to share. Don’t have an orchard near you? You can get the same fresh taste by stopping by your local farmer’s market.

Tip: Wash your apples before eating them to get rid of any dirt or bugs. Check out this blog post for 3 Ways to Wash Produce. 

3. Carve Pumpkins

This is a classic fall tradition! Visit a pumpkin patch or grocery store to pick out the perfect pumpkin. The best pumpkins feel sturdy, have consistent coloring, and are free of bruises and other bad spots. You can have fun with your own creative designs, or find carving templates online.

Tip: Carved pumpkins can last a few days to a week before they start to decay. So be sure to throw out any shriveling pumpkins to avoid attracting pests and wildlife.

4. Solve a Corn Maze

Corn mazes are a fun problem-solving game for the whole family – just don’t get lost in the towering stalks! 

Tip: Along with corn, you can typically find Asian lady beetles that come in a wide variety of colors, from yellow to red (just like the fall leaves!) After the fun, you might have a few hanging onto your jacket, so just sweep them off before going home or you might have some companions enjoying your home’s warmth with you all winter long.

5. Enjoy the fall leaves

There are so many fun ways to enjoy the fall colors, like taking a drive to enjoy the scenery, photographing unique leaves, or collecting leaves to make fall-themed crafts! You or your family might also be tempted to jump into that fresh leaf pile you just raked!

Tip: Watch out for mice and other pests hiding in leaf plies! Mice are looking for food and warmer environments this time of year, so any leaf piles that are near the house are the perfect new home for them. It is best to clean up those piles as soon as you’re finished raking and keep your yard free of rotting leaves and other messes to prevent pests.

6. Pumpkin Spice Baking

If autumn had a smell it would have to be pumpkin spice! How many baked pumpkin goods can you think of? Some of our favorites include pumpkin bread, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin spice cake.

Tip: When storing baked goods and their ingredients, keep things in sealed containers to keep pests like rodents and roaches out of the kitchen.

7. DIY Decorating

Fall brings in the season of holiday decorating, and what better way to decorate than DIY style! You can make fall wreaths, painted pumpkins, and straw bale arrangements, to name a few. Visit a craft store to get inspiration, and then take those ideas and make them your own.

Tip: When decorating, use straw instead of hay. If a hay bale doesn’t already have mice in it, it likely will attract them. Straw is a safer bet. 

From all of us at Fox Pest Control, we would like to wish you a happy fall! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more pest tips. Having rodent or other pest problems? Learn about our Home Protection Plan here or by calling (855) 953-2002.

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