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Fox’s Fall Home & Yard Checklist

Fox’s Fall Home & Yard Checklist

Fox’s Fall Home & Yard Checklist

Posted October 14, 2020

Taking hay rides, going to apple orchards, and carving pumpkins are all classic fall activities!  But did you know there’s something else you should add to your autumn-time must do’s? 

Yep, fall home and yard clean up. To help get you started, we’ve gathered some of the most important tasks, and put them all in one checklist! Doing a few things every year to winter-proof your home will not only give you a headstart in the spring, but will also help keep unwanted pests away. 

Home Exterior

  • Clean out rain gutters
  • Fill any cracks in the foundation
  • Replace damaged weatherstripping
  • Drain and store hoses
  • Power wash the deck and foundation
  • Check the roof for needed maintenance 
  • Have a fall pest control service done


  • Pick up any trash
  • Sweep the garage floor
  • Get rid of unnecessary clutter
  • Organize the tools
  • Make snow removal tools accessible
  • Check that garage door shuts fully


  • Clean up fallen leaves
  • Trim back trees and bushes away from the house or other buildings
  • Clear out the flower beds
  • Empty and store planters
  • Pick up any outside furniture or toys 
  • Mow the lawn one last time
  • Aerate the lawn

Many of the tasks above also double as pest prevention best practices. So do these things this autumn and notice fewer creepy crawlers running around. To further protect your home and family from pests, sign up for Fox’s Home Protection Plan. We treat your home each season to prevent pest problems. Because no bugs IS simply better! 

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