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Fox’s Winter Pest-Proofing Checklist

Fox’s Winter Pest-Proofing Checklist

Fox’s Winter Pest-Proofing Checklist

Posted December 21, 2020

Rodents are a well known winter pest because they are easier to notice. As the weather cools, rats and mice like to take shelter in homes, but they are not the only ones. Other common pests such as wasps, beetles, and spiders also like to take advantage of the heat a house provides. 

It’s always a good idea to take preventative measures to keep these pests out, rather than having to get rid of them once they are in your home. A little extra prep this winter will save some heartache now–and also in spring when these hidden bugs come back out. 

Here is a checklist of things you can do to help keep the pests away.


  • Seal holes and cracks in walls
  • Keep storage rooms tidy and clutter-free
  • Store items in plastic bins and keep them on shelves when possible
  • Clean up pantry spills as they happen
  • Seal up pet food
  • Fix any leaky pipes
  • Seal any opened food in pantry
  • Keep the rest of the house clean and tidy


  • Seal cracks in the foundation and siding
  • Cover vents and chimneys
  • Repair weatherstripping
  • Ensure garage door closes completely
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed back from house
  • Keep a tight lid on garbage bins
  • Check for needed roof maintenance

Pests, especially rodents, love to get into garages, attics, basements, and kitchens. So when going through this checklist, you’ll want to be extra thorough in these areas.

Do you already have rodent or other pest problems? Contact us before 2 pm and we will send a PesPro to your house the same day. You can give us a call at (855) 459-0722 or get a free estimate here!

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