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How much does service on my home cost?

We customize the treatments for every home we service in York. We understand every situation is different, and we do not want to risk overcharging or overgeneralizing your pest management issue. We pride ourselves in delivering quality service everytime. You can read more about our Home Protection Plan, or call us for a free quote that is specific to your situation.

Service-Based Questions

Is the product that Fox Pest Control uses safe around my family and pets?

Our certified technicians will only service your home with products that can be used around you and your loved ones. Your Fox Pest Control Technician will use the products according to their label. If Fox treats an area that is usually occupied by a pet, we will make sure to use products to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

How quickly can Fox get to my home for service?

We provide same-day service if you call before 2 pm. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Is the service from Fox Pest Control guaranteed?

We give a money-back guarantee to our customers in York who are signed up for our year round Home Protection Plan. Making sure our customers are satisfied with our services and feel safe in their homes is key to our success. If you are a current customer who is having pest issues between regular visits, call to schedule a targeted treatment at no charge.

How long will service on my home take?

When it comes to the length of the service, many factors come into play. Most of the time, your first service will take a little longer than subsequent services. If you or your Fox Pest Control Technician find that your home needs more attention, we will make sure to get the job done before leaving your property.

Does Fox Pest Control service homes on the weekend?

Fox Pest Control offers scheduling options for evenings and Saturdays in York at no extra charge.

Does Fox Pest Control Offer an eco-friendly service?

At Fox, we use EPA-approved, eco-friendly products that get the job done right, and all our technicians are well-trained and use each product in accordance with its labeling and state and federal regulations. Some select service areas offer organic treatments. Check out our products page to see what we use during treatments.

Do I need to be home for Fox to perform a service?

During your initial treatment in York, we like to meet our customers and let them know what pest problems we see and our plan to fix them. Unless you request an interior treatment to target a specific pest problem, it is no longer necessary for you to be present during your home’s scheduled service. Once the interior is pest free, we maintain the barrier around the home according to your protection plan’s treatment schedule.

Current Customer

How do I update my payment information?

Visit our customer portal to update payment information, or call to one of our operators to learn more about the customer portal, update payment information over the phone, and for other account-related questions.

When is my next service?

Visit our customer portal to read more about the schedule for your nest service, your technician, the last time you received a service, all the products used during your service, and more. Call one of our operators for additional help and other account questions.

When was the last time I received a service?

Visit our customer portal to read more about your technician, the last time you received a service, the scheduling for your upcoming services, all the products used during each service, and more. Call one of our operators at (717) 366-9627 for additional help and other account questions.

Do I really need services in the winter?

Insects and other pests are not dead during the colder months. Some are overwintering pests that hibernate in your eaves or soffits, weep holes in window frames, and gaps in your siding, and others simply move slower. Our Home Protection Plan is designed to react to problem pests during the summer when they are most active. But the best long-term results come from our regular treatments, especially those done during the winter when pest activity is reduced. Call one of our operators at (717) 366-9627 to discuss what products are used in snowy seasons, why winter treatments are necessary, and what to expect from your winter service.

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