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Lebanon Pest Control

As the seat of Lebanon County, the city of Lebanon has a large population. The city also features beautiful parks and scenery, such as South Hills Park in South Lebanon, Stoever’s Dam Park, and Sand Hill. Creeks like the Brandywine Creek and the Quittapahilla Creek also comprise the area. Unfortunately, Lebanon’s natural features and high population bring with it a number of pest pressures. Ants and wasps are two of the most common issues.

Ants are one of the most widespread pest problems that plague homeowners. Common ant species include pavement ants, odorous house ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants. Other than being a nuisance and stealing food, most of these ant species cause few problems, except for carpenter ants. Measuring around ½-inch long, carpenter ant workers use their strong jaws to carve tunnels through wood. Most often, carpenter ants like to find wet or damaged wood, but they can also tunnel through healthy wood. If unnoticed, carpenter ants can damage a home for up to 10 years. 

Wasps are one of the most dangerous pests Fox helps homeowners control. Because they can make a nest almost anywhere, they can be found under siding, inside soffits and eaves, in bushes or trees, inside gutters, and even underground. A nest can range in size from smaller than a golf ball to the size of a basketball. In extreme cases, wasps can burrow their way inside and fly around the house. Although they don’t seek out humans, extremely territorial creatures. They will attack when they sense a threat, whether real or perceived. A wasp sting usually only elicits a mild reaction for most people, but for some it causes serious issues.  For example, allergic reactions that result in massive or irregular swelling, swelling that lasts a very long time, or anaphylaxis should be handled as a medical emergency. Don’t waste time allowing wasps to take over your property. Call Fox Pest Control today.

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About Lebanon

The Lebanon, PA area is known for its bologna developed by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the late 1700s. The cured and smoked meat is now manufactured and sent to many areas in the country. Pest Pro Jason loves the bologna and enjoys it in his lunch sandwiches regularly. 

Fox technician Eli often visits the area to meet up with friends at the local Golden Corral. His favorite memory in Lebanon is surprising his friend who lives  in the area for his birthday. As a whole, members of the Fox team also enjoy visiting the Swatara and Memorial Lake State Parks. With so many great biking and hiking trails, these locations are great places to go during the summer with family and friends.

Like our technicians, we are involved in the community. Fox Pest Control is proud to be members of the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce, striving to be a leader in the advancement of the economic vitality of the region.

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