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Holiday Decor Storage Tips to Keep Rodents Out

Holiday Decor Storage Tips to Keep Rodents Out

Holiday Decor Storage Tips to Keep Rodents Out

Posted December 9, 2020

Let’s talk about those boxes you open once a year to decorate your home for the holidays. Maybe you have some hacks you use to keep things organized, or maybe you’re looking for inspiration. Either way, we have some tips for you. 

Did you know that storage boxes and spaces are a favorite place for rodents to hide? The last thing you want to fall out of your ornament box are a few mice. So here are some tips to keep in mind as you are packing and unpacking holiday decor this year.

Pack With Prevention In Mind

Plastic Bins

Preventing rodents from sneaking into your holiday decor begins with what packaging you use. Using sealable plastic bins for all storage, not just decorations, is a great place to start. Plastic bins are recommended over cardboard because cardboard can easily be chewed through by a rat or mouse. Plastic bins are also sturdier and will hold up much longer, so they are worth the investment. 

As a bonus, if you purchase clear bins you will have a much better idea of what’s inside. This will save you some heartache when searching for the items you need.

Room Placement

What room are you putting all of your holiday decorations in? Storage rooms tend to be places you don’t go into often. But, we would recommend also storing a few things you use frequently in the same room as your storage bins. Rodents prefer spaces that get less traffic, so by using this tip you will be discouraging any pests from making your home their home.

Pest Control

Last but not least, one of the best things you can do to keep rodents and other pests away is preventative pest control. We recommend having your home treated quarterly to help with the changes in pest pressure every season. If you would like to learn more about what we can do, check out our home protection plan.

Unpack With Caution

Take It Outside

Even when using plastic bins, you are not guaranteed to be rodent free. Things happen, especially when you have kids. Lids may be left off or not closed properly. So as a precaution, there are a few things you should do before breaking open those boxes and putting up the tree. 

First, you will want to take your boxes outside when weather allows. That way, if there are mice or rats they will be released outside instead of in your home. 

Shake And Listen

Once you are outside, and before opening the box, give the box a little shake. Then listen and see if you hear any rodents moving around. If you don’t hear anything, chances are you’re safe and there probably aren’t any rodents in your storage bin. Doing this simple test can save you a lot of trouble.

From our Fox family to yours, we hope you have a great holiday season! To schedule a service call us at (855) 953-2002 or fill out a contact form, here. We are happy to take pest control off of your hands, because no bugs is simply better.

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