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Host A Bug-Free BBQ This Summer

Host A Bug-Free BBQ This Summer

Host A Bug-Free BBQ This Summer

Posted May 14, 2021

Summer is around the corner! Let’s get to work preparing your backyard to be the anti-bug oasis it was always meant to be. Consider the following ideas to help get rid of mosquitoes (and other pests), so you can enjoy your barbecue:

Citronella Candles  

There aren’t too many flying insects going on Esty to order these things. They hate the smell of citronella —  it’s so un-humanlike — and therefore a real turn off for mosquitoes. Lighting a citronella candle or two in your backyard will reduce the impact of these annoying bugs. 

Wear Light-Colored Clothing 

Wearing comfortably fitting, light-colored clothing during your backyard bonanza will make it easy for you to see any icky bugs trying to take a nibble, and, if your outfit is more loose than goose the insects will have a tough time getting to your skin, too.

Use A Fan 

Flying insects are pretty … how can we say this … insubstantial weight wise … heft-challenged … may be another way to describe them. As such, they can’t operate very well if there’s a breeze about. So unless you’re BBQing during hurricane season, it might behoove you to invest in a fan of some sort to help keep the airborne nasties grounded.

Get Rid Of Standing Water

We’ve talked about this before, so by way of reminder, mosquitoes love to lay their tiny little eggs in water. We’re talking REALLY tiny eggs, so ya know they don’t need much water to get the party started. Less than an ounce of H2O puddled on cars; in the crevices of children’s playground equipment; in bird baths; around flower pots; a leaky garden hose; inside your rain gutters and downspouts; landscape statues; inside old tires lying around the backyard. Go on the offensive when it comes to standing water. DUMP IT OUT! DUMP IT OUT!

Waste Management 

Hornets and wasps can also make painful impacts on what otherwise would be a relaxing backyard party. They are enticed — among other things — by food on plates, food in serving dishes, and especially food that has been thrown out. It’s a great idea to ensure your garbage cans are closed and well sealed to keep the smells in and the yellow jackets out!

Start The Festivities Earlier In The Afternoon 

Mosquitoes are not big fans of direct sunlight, maybe because it’s just so darn difficult for them to get the right amount of sunscreen out of those bottles — even the travel size. Whatever the reason, they much prefer to make a take-out meal of our precious bodily fluids starting at dusk — not to mention carrying on into the night. The idea here is if it’s possible to start your barbecue while the sun is still fairly high in the sky, you may not have as many buggies to deal with. Might be worth a try.

You Can Always Call For Help 

It might be that your party pest problem is just too big or complicated to tackle yourself.  You can always give us a call at (855) 953-2002, and if you call before 2 p.m., we’ll come today to give you a hand.

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