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How Fox Gave Back This October

How Fox Gave Back This October

How Fox Gave Back This October

Posted November 17, 2020

At Fox Pest Control, we are always looking for ways to give back to our community. Each month, our branches take part in a philanthropy project to support local individuals in need or non-profit organizations who are making an impact.

This will be a recurring philanthropic column where we share our recent service projects with you. Here’s what we did in October:

Breast Cancer Awareness

Seeing as October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Fox saw this as an opportunity to help bring attention to the disease and bolster rates of early detection by paying for mammogram screenings.

Throughout the month of October, pest pros and staff across the country supported breast cancer awareness by donning custom breast cancer awareness pins and passing out pink ribbon stickers to customers.

“We learned that women who have screenings have a higher chance of overcoming breast cancer, but not everyone can afford it,” said Andrea Holyoak, Philanthropy and Special Projects Manager. “Every October, we join the cause of supporting women who struggle with the disease. This year, especially, we know that it’s important to help out when we can.”

Fox donated $1,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. which provides services to those affected through early detection, education and support. This funded 10 mammograms for those in need.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, “One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. There is currently no known cure… its early diagnosis is critical to survival.”

“If there’s one thing that any person should take away from the month of October [during] breast cancer awareness, it’s [that] I challenge you to get tested,” stated Fox Pest Control Regional Manager Josh Castelan, who’s mother dealt with breast cancer.

“If someone has any risk or factors that may pose a threat, just get tested.”

Syracuse Disinfects Local Church

On October 29th, pest pros from our Syracuse branch spent an hour of their time to disinfect the Greater New Testament Missionary Baptist Church.

The church had to shut down for a time due to COVID-19 and members of the congregation were hesitant to attend. The Fox team learned of the situation through the office landlord, who is a member of the congregation and wanted to help.

“Taking care of this church was an amazing opportunity to give back to the community who had been affected by this year’s pandemic. It was also important because it was a great project to complete as we further establish our branch in Syracuse” Said Fox team member Brian Gorton. “I look forward to helping the community in many other ways as we move closer to 2021.”

These philanthropic initiatives, which Fox Pest Control took part in during October, help us connect with and build up those around us. Our team is constantly looking for opportunities to support our neighboring businesses or individuals in our community. Stay tuned for what we’re working on in November!

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