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How to Get Rid of Wildlife Pests

How to Get Rid of Wildlife Pests

How to Get Rid of Wildlife Pests

Posted June 22, 2020

Maybe you’ve dealt with mice or rats breaking into your kitchen and leaving mouse droppings or rat droppings where you store food. Maybe your neighborhood has a troop of raccoons that harasses your pets, raids your garbages, and tears up your house. It could be an opossum in a crawl space, squirrels in the attic or chewing on wires, bats roosting in the attic, or birds nesting in your vents. 

If you’ve seen these problems on your property or in your neighborhood, or you’re afraid they might be on their way to your area, it’s time to act. 

No matter what wildlife problem it is, Fox Premier Exclusion and Wildlife Removal Services are designed to keep wildlife from getting in your house — for good.

Why Stop Wildlife from Getting in the House?

From mice and rats to squirrels, bats, raccoons, and birds, any animal that gets in your house or on your property could cause problems for you and your home. 

Wild Animals Spread Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bird, bat, rodent, and raccoon feces can cause various illnesses, many of which are very serious. In extreme cases, certain animals can also carry rabies, an incurable disease that could make them aggressive and highly dangerous. 

Rodents like mice and rats are often extremely filthy, going from one nasty place — like a ditch or a sewer — and then straight to your food. They can gnaw on the walls, chew on wires, and leave droppings everywhere. Plus, they can infest your home with fleas, ticks, and spread diseases like hantavirus. 

In fact, all animals can carry ticks and fleas from one place to another. This puts you and your family at risk from the diseases spread by ticks or fleas, including Rocky Mountain Fever, Lyme Disease, flea-borne Typhus, and Tularemia. 

Wild Animals Can Damage Your Home

Squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, and other wildlife don’t just make a lot of noise at inconvenient times. They also can cause severe damage to your home by creating messes, making holes in the roofline, chewing on wires, and destroying insulation. Often, juvenile squirrels or raccoons are born in attics, and their nests can cause a serious problem by attracting insects, accumulating droppings, pooling urine, and developing mold after the nest is abandoned.

When it comes to protecting your family and your home, why not choose a permanent solution? With Fox Wildlife Removal and Premier Exclusion Services, you won’t have to worry about the problems wildlife intruders cause ever again.

How Fox Resolves Wildlife Problems Permanently

Fox Pest Control’s industry-leading inspectors will begin by performing a top to bottom inspection of your home and yard to identify any rodent or wildlife problem areas. They’ll use their findings to develop a customized program to safely and humanely remove animals from your property. 

Once the wildlife invaders are removed, it’s time to make sure they don’t come back. For a permanent home protection solution, we recommend Fox Premier Exclusion Services, which will prevent any furry troublemakers from causing problems for you again.

What Are Fox Premier Exclusion Services?

Fox Premier Exclusion Services are a permanent, chemical-free way to prevent wildlife from entering your house. We do this by armoring your entire home using a wide variety of methods and materials so that no animal can find its way inside.

Each house is different, so your installation will match your home’s aesthetic, including colors and design. When we’re finished, we’re confident that nothing will be able to come into your space again, and that includes mice, Norway rats, raccoons, possums, tree squirrels, roof rats, birds, and bats.

Are Wildlife Removal Services and Fox Premier Exclusion Services the Same Thing?

Wildlife Removal and Exclusion Services are two separate programs that, when combined together, are a powerful way to protect your home from invaders for good. Wildlife Removal is a safe, humane way of removing invasive animals from your home. Fox Premier Exclusion Services are a chemical-free, permanent way to keep them out by strengthening your home’s weak spots.

What is Upper Exclusion? What is Lower Exclusion?

“Upper” refers to the upper part of the house, like the eaves, gables, attic, chimney, and roof structures. Exclusion work on the upper part of the house will prevent bats and squirrels from getting in the attic, rodents chewing on wires, stop raccoons from tearing holes in the house, and prevent many other problems. 

“Lower” refers to the lower part of a house, such as crawl spaces, water spouts, the underside of decks, cracks around foundations or sill plates, window wells, and other parts of the building close to the ground. Exclusion work on the lower part of your home will protect you from mice and rats, snakes, and many other animals.

Our Fox Premier Trenching program prevents groundhogs, chipmunks, skunks, mice, and rats from burrowing under the deck, porch, crawl space, or shed. To accomplish this, our Premier Trenching program will include hardware installation that attaches to the structure and goes below ground to prevent future burrowing. However, every situation is different, and our program is specifically designed to suit your needs.

Does Exclusion Hurt the Animals?

Exclusion work doesn’t hurt animals at all! That’s part of the appeal of Fox’s Wildlife and Exclusion Services. Our Exclusion work is entirely chemical-free and it’s a permanent solution to pest problems. That means no chemical sprays, no bait stations, and no need to worry about animals coming inside ever again. 

The material we use for exclusion work cannot harm the animals in any way. It simply stops them from coming inside your home again. If they can’t get inside, they’ll most likely leave you alone. 

What About Bats? Aren’t Bats Protected in Most Areas? Won’t Exclusion Work Hurt Them?

Fox Pest Control takes special care when it comes to bats. During certain times of the year, female bats roost in maternal colonies to birth and take care of juvenile bats. Your attic is an ideal spot for this kind of activity. Fortunately, bat pups leave the roost with their families after a few months. To avoid hurting bats, we only evict them during approved times of the year, depending on your location. That way, hibernation and birthing season is protected. We never want to put bats at risk in any way.

We avoid hurting bats by using humane-release exclusion methods. This allows them to leave at their leisure and prevents them from coming back inside.

Will My Home Look Weird After Exclusion Installation?

Not to worry. We are highly conscious of your home’s aesthetics and will do our best both to keep the animals away and preserve the comfort of your home. Your Fox Inspector will walk you through the exact materials needed for the exclusion work and the expected aesthetic results.

Are Fox Premier Exclusion Services Guaranteed?

All of our exclusion work is warrantied for twelve months after installation. However, since these animals are likely to return again and again, we recommend pairing our exclusion services with our Home Protection Plan. If a target animal re-enters your home during the warranty period, we will come back to remove the animal and repair any damages to the system — completely free of charge. The warranty is continued and honored as long as the Home Protection Plan is current or the yearly renewal and inspection are performed.

Fox Pest Control Wildlife and Exclusion

Call today, and we’ll be happy to be of service. Protect your family, your pets, and your home with Fox Premier Exclusion Services and Wildlife Removal. No matter your situation, we’ve got the solution. 

Don’t let wildlife bug you.

Because No Bugs is Simply Better.

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