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How To Prevent Carpenter Bee Damage

How To Prevent Carpenter Bee Damage

How To Prevent Carpenter Bee Damage

Posted May 4, 2021

Carpenter bees can be pretty boring …

… on the other hand they can also bee the life-of-the-party, just not in a good way. 

Often mistaken for bumble bees, the wood-tunnelling carpenter bee variety has certain identifying traits that could help you ID one, should the cops ask you to pick one out of a line up: 

  • Carpenter bees are about one inch long. 
  • They have shiny, black abdomens (while a bumble bee’s more modest fashion choice involves covering their abdomens in yellow hair).
  • Carpenter bees get their name from their ability to avoid all the red tape with banks and contractors and going straight to building their own “homes.” They do this by drilling little tunnels into exposed wood around your property.
  • These tunnely nests are a lovely one-half inch wide with terrific curb appeal. They can be up to 10 feet long, with loads of wood insulation all around. Still, it may feel pretty cramped for a young family — possibly making it tough for resale (and we’re not just talking about when the bees are thinking about getting back into the market).
  • Carpenter bees are typically not very aggressive. The males try to act menacing when guarding the nest, but they’re all buzz and no bite … mostly because they don’t have a  stinger. If a female is distrubed while excavating the nest, though, she can get a bit grouchy — you would too if all you wanted to do is build a place “to get those babies out!”
  • Finally, carpenter bees may or may not be wearing tiny little tool belts … although such a sighting has only been reported once, albeit from a fairly unreliable source: my crazy uncle Larry.

To improve your chances of keeping carpenter bees from moving into your neighborhood and possibly damaging your house (and it’s resale value), you can do the following:

  • Remove fallen wood from your yard.
  • Protect wood piles with a waterproof covering.
  • Know that carpenter bees are naturally repelled by citrus, citronella oil, and neem oil.
  • Paint exposed wood surfaces on your house to protect it from carpenter bee infestation.

If you are starting to see too many carpenter bees around, you can give us a call at FOX Pest Control and we’ll send a licensed and certified technician to your place the same day. Just dial (855) 953-2002, or submit a contact form here; and we’ll be there to help.

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