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Joy to the World

Joy to the World

December was an exciting month for our Lexington branch. Not only are we approaching the New Year, but the holiday season also shed light on special ways to reach out to members of our community. COVID-19 has impacted countless families across the nation, causing unemployment, financial hardship, and mental strife. Because of this, there was no better time to spread joy to our neighbors!

A Memorable Christmas

Our Lexington branch manager, Ronnie Wright, heard that one former Fox customer was struggling to provide Christmas gifts for his children. He and his team pooled together money from their branch budget to provide Christmas gifts for the children.

“These people were loyal customers of ours for a while.” Ronnie said.“They’ve always been kind, and we enjoyed every opportunity we had to service their home. It just felt right to repay them. Seeing the kids’ excitement over their presents was the perfect way to end the holiday season.” 

Kendyl and Friends

Earlier this year, Fox struck up a partnership with a nonprofit organization called Kendyl and Friends. It’s been our goal to help them raise enough money to build inclusive playgrounds for special needs children that their organization facilitates. While this has been an ongoing fundraising effort in Lexington for months, Lexington and seven other Fox branches pooled $2,400  from their budgets this month to donate. While our funds helped, Kendyl and Friends is in constant need of donations.They appreciate all the help they can get! If you would like to donate, visit

Pass it On

Our overarching goal here at Fox is to encourage kindness. We all have a duty to help our neighbors and contribute to our community, so go spread some holiday cheer this season! There’s no better time to help than now. 

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