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What Could Be Living Under My Deck?

It starts like a bad horror movie with a scratching under the steps or odd noises late at night. Then when you look… there’s evidence of digging, maybe even some fur and feces. Something has moved in under the deck, and chances are you don’t want it there.

So, it’s time to figure out what it could be and what to do about it.

What Animals Dig Holes Under Decks?

In the best-case scenario, you’ve got a family of foxes looking for a spring den or maybe a possum here to help by eating any ticks that think your yard looks tasty… but what if you aren’t that lucky?

The fact of the matter is that wildlife – including groundhogs, squirrels, and raccoons – as well as non-wildlife wild animals (like feral cats), will sometimes seek shelter under your deck. And while it might be a bit of a nuisance if the wild visitor is a skunk, the real problems arise when the creatures that have moved in under the deck skirting are rats and mice.

Just like any other animals, rats and mice will look for any place they think they can create a warm and safe den with easy access to food. Unfortunately, that’s not something homeowners or even renters want to find – especially since the close proximity could lead to rodents getting into the house itself.

Are There Rodents Under My Deck?

Some people mistakenly believe the wood in their deck is attracting mice and rats to their homes. In reality, rodents are looking for the same thing you are when looking for a home: comfort, safety, and easy access to food and water.

So, the first step in fighting rodents under your deck is removing sources of food and water. That can mean everything from not feeding your pets outside or removing bird feeders and birdbaths… or even to major landscaping overhauls! Before taking extreme measures, you might want to first determine what exactly is living under your deck.

Suggestions for figuring out what is causing your problem can range from fairly cheap for the do-it-yourself approach to a little more pricey. A cheap trail camera set up under the deck can help you figure out what you are dealing with – as can a bit of evening surveillance. Most wildlife is more active at dusk, so watching to see what is going under the deck is your cheapest option.

If you are good at identifying prints, scattering some sand around the deck can help you get a good paw print to figure out what’s going under there.

You can also try examining your decking for gnaw marks. If you find tooth prints, chances are you have rodents and not an animal you might like to see in the neighborhood.

How Do I Keep Rodents Out From Under My Deck?

Short of removing all the vegetation in your yard and turning your outdoor space into a concrete jungle, there aren’t a lot of easy do-it-yourself answers to fighting a rodent infestation.

It’s far more likely that a DIY approach will only get some of the pests… leaving the rest to continue living there and – worse yet – breeding. Once you’re sure that the problem has been resolved, installing deck skirting, paneling, or similar products can help reduce the risk of a new infestation.

Fox Pest Control Can Help Protect Your Home

With the natural beauty of Long Island also comes some natural habitat for these pesky critters. You can try to eliminate all their food and water sources yourself and enlist the local government to clean up areas that provide breeding grounds, but the best solution is to contact a professional for your rodent problem. The trained pest control technicians at Fox will determine the size of your problem and determine the steps necessary to fix it. Call us today and get peace of mind.

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