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Fox Pest Control Joins As Mission Partner For Team Luke Hope For Minds

Fox Pest Control Joins As Mission Partner For Team Luke Hope For Minds

Life throws all sorts of curveballs and hurdles. Some are moment-in-time challenges while others are life-long battles that require complete focus and immense perseverance and a complete change in one’s life.

Tim Siegel knows all about how life can change in an instant. In 2015, Tim’s son, Luke, was in a golf cart accident which led to three brain surgeries and dozens of days in the hospital. Not to mention years and years of different therapies and additional medical needs. For the Siegel family, everything in their lives changed when Luke had his accident. The Siegel family’s story isn’t rare. In fact, 1 in 500 school-aged children each year, hospitalization is required due to a head injury. Many of these children never fully recover from their injuries, leaving families with a “new normal” to adjust to and live out.

The emotional, physical and financial strain of caring for a disabled child takes an enormous toll on families. Tim Siegel established Team Luke Hope For Minds to lessen the burdens. And, now it’s Fox Pest Control’s turn to join in and help!

As stated in Fox Pest Control’s Core Values, we believe that “every individual is connected in one way or another to everyone else”. Meaning, we believe that no one should have to go through challenging times alone and that when members of our community need us or something, we give what we can to support them and help. To help families with children who have suffered an acquired brain injury, Fox Pest Control’s Lubbock Branch has joined as a mission partner for Austin-based, non-profit Team Luke Hope For Minds!

For Team Luke Hope For Minds, mission partners like Fox Pest Control are critical to continuing outreach, education and support for families with children who have sufference an acquired brain injury. The organization provides a wealth of offerings including educational materials, therapeutic services and adaptive equipment. Perhaps most importantly though, the organization helps provide hope and a community to connect with, reinforcing that the families are not alone in their struggles, challenges and times of need.

To learn more about Team Luke Hope For Minds, visit the organization’s website and social media accounts.

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