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Fox Donates to Post Animal Refuge Center

Fox Donates to Post Animal Refuge Center

Fox Donates to Post Animal Refuge Center

Posted January 26, 2022

Fun fact: More than half of the Fox Pest Control Family owns a pet. A significant number of those pets came from shelters and animal rescues. Needless to say, we’re huge animal lovers. 

When the team at Fox Pest Control’s Lubbock branch learned about the amazing work that Post Animal Refuge Center (PARC) has been doing to help dogs, they knew immediately that they wanted to get involved. By making a donation to PARC, Fox Pest Control is helping the organization continue to fulfill its mission ⸺ provide shelter, food and necessary medical treatment for unwanted and/or abused animals in Post and the surrounding area until suitable, permanent homes can be found.

Since opening in 2010, Post Animal Refuge Center (PARC) has had more than 650 animals come through the shelter, with more than 575 of them finding their forever homes. Due to the hard work of the organization, there has been a significant decrease in the number of abandoned animals in the area, as well as euthanizations at the City of Post Shelter. In fact, when PARC first started the city was euthanizing approximately 120 dogs each year. Today, less than 60 dogs are euthanized annually. 

Beyond providing housing for up to 20 dogs at any one time, PARC also works to spay and neuter animals to reduce the number of unwanted litters. Additionally, the shelter offers educational seminars on pet ordinances, benefits of spaying and neutering, and awareness and safety classes, as well as helping build enclosures. 

The shelter survives on donations and volunteers, and there’s always a way to get involved and help make a difference in the life of a dog. If you’re interested in helping, or if you’re looking for a new family member, visit

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