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On this page: How to Remove Mice From Your Lubbock, TX, Home, Mice Facts and Information, What Does a Mice Infestation Look Like in Lubbock, TX?

How to Remove Mice From Your Lubbock, TX, Home

Mice Control Near Me in Lubbock TX

Lubbock, Texas, is a beautiful place to call home, but it's also a place that's not immune to mice.

It can be challenging to remove mice from your home, but there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier.

  • Seal Up Cracks and Holes: Mice can squeeze their way into surprisingly small cracks and holes, so it's important to seal up any potential entry points in your walls or foundation. This may include caulk around windows, pipes, and other possible openings. They are especially prone to seek shelter during winter, so make sure to be vigilant during this time.
  • Remove Food Sources: Mice are attracted to food sources in your home, so it's crucial to store all food items in airtight containers and clean up any spills or crumbs. This will make it more difficult for mice to find food, and having easy access to food is like an open invitation to a mouse.
  • Contact Fox Pest Control: If you're having trouble with mice infestation, it's best to call Fox Pest Control immediately. Our experts use specialized techniques and products to provide mice treatment, so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe.

When it comes to mice infestations, early detection is critical. If you're noticing any of the signs above in your Lubbock, TX, home, contact Fox Pest Control today and let our team of experts help you control these unwanted pests!

With their help, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be safe from mice in no time.

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Mice Facts and Information

Mice are one of the most common rodents in households worldwide. These small, curious creatures can quickly become quite a nuisance if their populations start to grow out of control. To keep them from taking over your home, it's essential to know some facts about mice and how they live.

Mice are Nocturnal

Mice are most active at night when it's dark and quiet. This is when they come out to explore and search for food. During the day, you may see a few mice scurrying around, but most will be asleep or hiding in dark spaces. During the winter, they will seek out warmth indoors, where the temperatures stay relatively constant.

Mice are Omnivorous

Mice are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. A mouse's diet typically consists of grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, and insects. In the wild, mice also scavenge for food and may even raid bird nests.

Mice Reproduce Quickly

One of the most concerning facts about mice is that they reproduce quickly. A female mouse can give birth to up to 6 babies every three weeks and get pregnant immediately after giving birth. Because of this, mice populations can increase rapidly if left unchecked.

These are just a few of the facts about mice that every homeowner should know. Knowing more about these creatures will help you remove mice from your home.

With the right mice control plan and help from Fox Pest Control, you can keep your Lubbock, TX, home safe from unwanted guests!

What Does a Mice Infestation Look Like in Lubbock, TX?

It's important to know what signs to look out for when it comes to a mouse infestation. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Droppings: It's not unusual to find droppings in places where mice may have been, such as in cupboards, behind furniture, and in crawl spaces. These droppings are usually black or dark brown and pellet shaped. They can also have a musty, stale smell.
  • Gnaw Marks: Mice often gnaw on items to get through tight spaces or obtain food. These marks can be found on wood, plastic, and even electrical wires, which can cause a potential fire hazard.
  • Nests: Mice will build nests, usually out of soft materials like shredded paper or fabric. These nests can be found in dark, warm places such as attics and basements. They may also be found near food sources, such as cupboards or pantries.
  • Noises: if you hear scratching or scurrying in your walls or ceilings, it could signify a mouse infestation. They may also make squeaking noises, especially if they are scared or in danger.

If you notice these signs in your Lubbock, TX, home, it's vital to contact Fox Pest Control immediately. With the help of our experts, you can quickly get rid of any mice infestation and protect your home from further damage.

Mice look for warm, dark areas of your home to nest. This can be in the walls, in your basement, or under your refrigerator. Once they’re in your home they will eat whatever they can find and chew their way through plastic, wires, and more. Lubbock homeowners who have experienced a mouse infestation know that these rodents are not as cute and friendly as they are portrayed in children’s movies. You need a professional Lubbock pest control company when you are dealing with a mouse infestation.

You may see mice scurry across the floor, or if your pets are barking or hissing and pawing under appliances, they might be alerting you of a mouse infestation. Fox Pest Control is here to help. We have years of experience getting rid of mice and are here to help you feel safe in your Lubbock home.

On This Page: ➡️ Signs of a Mouse Infestation in Lubbock, Facts About Mice, Helpful Prevention Tips, How to Get Rid Of Mice in Lubbock, Mouse Exterminator FAQ

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Signs of a Mouse Infestation

You might already know you have a mouse infestation in your Lubbock, but here are a few of the most common signs a mouse exterminator would look for.


The first sign of a mouse infestation is their droppings. Mice aren’t particular about where they leave their droppings, so they will appear anywhere the mice are hanging out, including the backside of drawers, inside pantries or cabinets, in basements or attic spaces, under water heaters or heating units, etc.


Mice may make noise at night, usually scurrying sounds, scratching, or squeaking.

Bite marks

Mice are rodents, which means their teeth are constantly growing. They have a strong urge to chew things to wear down their teeth, including wood, cardboard, food containers, or plastic.


Although less common than the other signs of mice, a mouse may be seen in the open when looking for food, water, or shelter.

Things You Need to Know About Mice:

  • Mice are classified as rodents, meaning their front teeth (incisors) never stop growing. 
  • To keep their incisors trim, mice need to constantly chew on things. This could be brick, fabric, food, or really anything around your Lubbock property. 
  • In spite of food, these small critters will chew a hole straight through your wall if they need to. 
  • Holes as small as a nickel could be an entry point for mice, because they have the ability to squeeze their bodies into incredibly tight spaces. It’s important to get rid of mice before they can become established in your Lubbock home.
  • Once they get inside, there’s a risk of contracting diseases transmitted through mouse droppings or urine, bites, or tainted food such as:
    • Hantavirus
    • Salmonella 
    • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV). 

Helpful Mouse Prevention Tips: 

  • Seal common entry points
  • Seal all food in airtight containers
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Reduce hiding places in the kitchen and other areas of the house where food is kept.

How Do I Get Rid of Mice Near Lubbock, TX?

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Step 3: Follow Up

Each service provides a detailed report & helpful tips to keep pests away. We return regularly throughout the year, increasing protection with every visit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you see pest activity between your regularly scheduled services, we will return free of charge!

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Mouse Exterminator FAQ

How do I get rid of mice?

The best way to treat a mouse infestation is with preventative measures, such as filling up tiny gaps and cracks around the house and fixing cracks in the foundation. Store your food in airtight containers to make your home less appealing to them as well. 

When mice have already invaded your Lubbock home, it’s best to call Fox Pest Control to let us help you feel safe and comfortable again.

What damage do mice cause in homes?

The biggest problem mice will usually give Lubbock homeowners is contaminating food and chewing through walls, containers, furniture, fabric, paper, and electrical wiring. If it gets to that point, you know you’d better call a mouse exterminator like Fox Pest Control. 

How do I know if I have mice in the house?

Signs of mice include:

Chewed cloths or paper
Discarded feces
Squeaks, squeals, strange noises, and movements, especially at night
Tiny mouse footprints in dirt or piles of food (eg prints in flour or sugar)
Holes chewed through food containers or in the walls
Unusual alert behavior of house cats or dogs

Are mice dangerous?

Even in Lubbock Mice can carry diseases like hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonella. They can also be covered with fleas or ticks and bring them inside. 

How did mice get into my house?

Mice have an extraordinary ability to squeeze themselves into tiny spaces. If the outside wall of a house in Lubbock has any gaps, a mouse can fit into a hole the diameter of a nickel or smaller. 

Can mice fit in small spaces?

Mice can fit into gaps or cracks the size of a nickel or even a dime. 

As long as the mouse can fit its little head in a gap or hole, its unique bone structure allows it to pull itself through. 

Why are mice trying to get in my house?

Once inside your home, mice will look for hiding places with plenty of food and water nearby, so the kitchen or food storage areas are obvious hiding spots.

What do mice eat?

Mice can eat a lot of different sorts of food, especially foods that are high in sugar or protein. With their strong sense of smell, they go looking for foods they prefer, and the typical kitchen is full of them. That’s why it’s essential to seal all your food — including pet food — in airtight containers.

What’s the difference between a mouse and a rat?

Body size. Adult mice are much smaller than adult rats. 

Feces. Mice feces are brown or black and about the size and shape of rice grains. Norwegian rat droppings are larger and more cylindrical, and roof rat feces are larger and more banana-shaped.

Tails. Rat tails are hairless, whereas mice tails grow tiny hairs. Mouse tails are proportionately longer compared to their body size than rat tails. 

Ears. Mouse ears are more rounded than a rat’s, and rat ears are slightly narrower than a mouse’s.

Body shape. Rats, especially the Norwegian rat, have more of a hunch to their bodies than mice.

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