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Warm for the Holidays

Warm for the Holidays

Warm for the Holidays

Posted December 31, 2020

Whether you live in Texas or New York, it is essential to have a warm coat to protect you from the winter elements. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t have the means to get a winter coat of their own.. Lubbock branch manager, Emmanuel Gaytan, realized this and rallied his team and local Fox customers for a coat drive. In a little over a month, the branch received around 250 coats. One hundred fifty coats went to kids at the Texas Boys Ranch, an emergency shelter for boys and girls in foster care.The organization helps provide children with the materials, support and experiences they need to grow and learn. Many of the children are in dire need of quality clothing, especially coats in the colder months. 

The other 100 coats were donated to Paul’s Project, a non-profit that helps equip the homeless with temporary shelter. According to a count done in January 2020, around 283 Lubbock citizens live on the streets or in shelters. These individuals often lack warm clothes. The coat drive is just one way our Fox Teammade a small difference in the lives of the homeless. 

Thankfully, the coat drive opened the door for a long-term Fox partnership with both of these fantastic organizations. Our Lubbock branch looks forward to future projects with the Texas Boys Ranch and Paul’s Project. 

To donate to the Texas Boys Ranch, visit
To learn what you can do to help Paul’s Project, visit

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