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Fox Pest Control Donates to FARE, Gifts Soccer Sign Ups to Local Kids

Fox Pest Control Donates to FARE, Gifts Soccer Sign Ups to Local Kids

When Fox Pest Control opened in 2012, company co-founders Mike Romney and Bryant White identified 18 core values to serve as the foundation of the company. To this day, these principals stand at the core of everything we do. One of the core values on the list reinforces our mission to make the world a better place by giving back to others and the communities we serve. To make good on this, we’re constantly looking for ways in which we can support others, give back, and make a difference. When we find the right opportunities, we don’t hesitate. We lean in; we help. 

One of the ways Fox Pest Control’s Manchester branch is helping out in the community it services is by providing a donation to Foster and Adoptive Resource Center (FARE), allowing them to cover the expenses of soccer registration for any foster or adoptive child that desires to play in 2022. 

According to the New Hampshire Division of Health and Human Services, 900 children are in foster care every year. Moreover, hundreds of children are adopted through the department each year. While foster and adoptive parents give children wonderful support systems and new family connections to embrace, they sometimes need their own support system to help them navigate the challenges and opportunities of being a foster or adoptive parent. This is where FARE comes in. FARE supports the day-to-day, hands-on aspect of foster, adoptive, and kinship care for both the child and foster families in response to or in anticipation of their needs. Specifically, FARE provides tangible goods, resources, and free or discounted trips, as well as day excursions and events that create opportunities for kids to experience making positive memories and building relationships. The goal is to ensure that kids have the opportunity to be kids, and that foster families are shown appreciation for the hard work and sacrifice that they make for the kids. 

Through the donation, FARE will now cover the expense of soccer registration through the Manchester North’s Soccer League. Christopher Vigneault, Manchester North Soccer League President, who connected with Fox Pest Control’s team about the opportunity recently sent a note, thanking us for our sponsorship. He’s what he had to say: 

“I can’t even express how excited and happy FARE was when the team received your generous gift.  

When I have my annual coaches meeting the first thing that I tell all the coaches is we are here for the kids and it’s our job to make sure they have fun above all else.  

You have given these kids and their families the most valuable gift available ⸺ time with family and memories that will last a lifetime. And for these kids it’s even more special because it will help them heal and bond with their new families.”

We’re proud of all the wonderful work that both FARE and the Manchester North Soccer League are doing in the lives of children in our community. We look forward to catching a game or two in 2022!

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