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Fox Sponsors June 2022 Relay for Life of Greater Concord & Manchester

Fox Sponsors June 2022 Relay for Life of Greater Concord & Manchester

When brothers-in-law Mike Romney and Bryant White started Fox Pest Control in 2012, they sat down and wrote out the values in which the company would be firmly rooted. Together, Mike and Bryant outline 18 core values as the foundation of the company. And we’re proud to say that a decade later, these values are still at the heart of everything we do, say, and live by. 

While 18 core values may seem like an awful lot of principles to stand by. We do so proudly. And, each value holds a specific purpose. 

According to Jason and Christian, the owners of Fox’s Manchester Branch, one of the most important values on the list is #18 – “Share the Profits.” When asked to explain what they loved most about this one, their answers were very similar, emphasizing that by sharing what we have with others everyone benefits and the greater good is always better. 

Each day, we look for ways to give back, share, and help others. More often than not, we find an organization, cause, event, or an amazing group of people that are looking to do the same. And, when we find them, we’re always ready to “share the profits.” 

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Fox is sharing its profits with Relay For Life of Greater Concord-Manchester as an official sponsor of the June 11, 2022 fundraiser for the American Cancer Society! 

In 1985, Dr. Gordon “Gordy” Klatt put one foot in front of another for 24 hours straight, walking and running around a track in Tacoma, Washington to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Gordy’s monumental efforts and vision laid the fountain for what would become Relay for Life. 

More than thirty five years later, Relay for Life is one of the largest peer-to-peer fundraising events in the world, raising funds to help fight cancer. Today, there are a variety of different ways to get involved with Relay for Life. Besides running or walking, individuals are invited to donate, volunteer at events, and simply share about events and the cause. At each event, homemade paper lanterns called luminaria are decorated with the names of loved ones who have been touched by cancer. For those that we’ve lost to cancer, a moment of silence is shared. 

There’s still time to join the upcoming Relay for Life event. If you’re interested click here. Remember, together, we can make the world a better place. And, thanks to Gordy, we can see that one person has the ability to make a very large impact.

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