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Fox Pest Control Sponsors La Joya ISD Campus Crime Stoppers to Help Keep Campuses Safe

Fox Pest Control Sponsors La Joya ISD Campus Crime Stoppers to Help Keep Campuses Safe

The safety of your family and four-legged family members is our number one priority. While our primary focus is to keep your homes safe from pest invaders, we also want to do our part to create safer communities. One way Fox Pest Control’s McAllen branch is helping create safe communities is by sponsoring the La Joya Independent School District (ISD) Campus Crime Stoppers, a program designed to deter and prevent on-campus crimes at local schools. 

Established in August of 2002, La Joya ISD Campus Crime Stoppers provides a safe and anonymous option for students to report illegal activities at their campuses at any time of day. Similar to local crime stopper initiatives that focus on neighborhoods and communities, the on-campus program encourages students to report or provide tips on illegal weapons or drugs, gang activities, bullying, dating violence, and assaults. 

When a call is received, a tip form is completed and initial inquiries are conducted. The information is then passed along to the on-campus patrol officer. One of the most important parts about the calls is that all callers remain anonymous, and no attempt is made to figure out who the source is ⸺ no caller ID, no recorded conversations, etc. 

By ensuring the anonymity of students sharing tips and crime reports, Crime Stoppers has created a safe environment for students to not only help the police, but keep their community safe without fear of retribution. 

We’re proud to do our part to keep your families safe at home, and we’re glad to have organizations like La Joya ISD Campus Crime Stoppers helping keep our communities safe. If everyone keeps doing their part, we have the potential of making the entire world a safe, happier place.

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