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Fox Pest Control Sponsors The Rocket Launchers at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Fox Pest Control Sponsors The Rocket Launchers at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Fox Pest Control is more than just pest prevention and remediation. Since 2012, Fox Pest Control’s mission has been to develop confident leaders and empower individuals to provide strong, outstanding service. And, the Fox team loves hearing about organizations in the community that are also committed to leadership and development. 

One such organization that the team at Fox Pest Control’s McAllen Branch recently discovered is The Rocket Launchers, a non-profit at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The Rocket Launchers are a student-run organization that offers students from all sectors of the engineering field the opportunity to prepare for a career in their engineering discipline, as well as gain hands-on experience in Aerospace Engineering. 

In addition to opportunities throughout the year, a team of students participate in the Spaceport America Cup, a competition focused on team-made rockets. At the event, students, rocket hobbyists and the biggest companies in the aerospace industry gather to witness rocket clubs from all over the world launch their high-powered rockets. For the competition, The Rocket Launchers are divided into five sub-teams: Propulsion, Telemetry, Structures, Recovery and Payload, each competing to put the Upper Rio Grande Valley on the map for engineering and aerospace. 

Beyond rockets, The Rocket Launchers care about future generations and are always willing to volunteer for any event concerning education and child development. According to the website, the organization values and desires to “open doors for future generations of students who dream of working in the aerospace industry”.Fox Pest Control is proud to support The Rocket Launchers! We can’t wait to see how they do at this year’s competition.

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