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Typical Gardendale Pest Control Problems

Gardendale is a small area with an even tinier population. However, it’s wishful thinking to hope the spider population would follow suit. Spiders thrive in Gardendale. When the weather turns colder, they start to make their ways indoors for shelter. Holes in weather stripping, doors, and window frames are usually how they get in. Thankfully, most of the common spiders in Texas are not a big threat to humans. Grass spiders and various types of orb weaver spiders are typical to Gardendale. They are not considered venomous but will still give most people the creepy crawlies. Others, like the Texas recluse and brown recluse, are significantly more dangerous. When it comes to spiders, it’s best not to take any risks. If you suspect a spider infestation on your property, call Fox Pest Control immediately for professional spider extermination services. 

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Our Connection to Gardendale

Like many places surrounding Midland, Gardendale is a fairly small town. However, even though it’s more of a pitstop to many travelling through the area, our technicians who service there are in the area a lot. While there, they make sure to stop by Paradise Tacos for delicious food. They sell everything from tacos to menudo. It’s easy to get hungry while out fighting pests, so this taco truck in Gardendale is the perfect remedy to a grumbling stomach.

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Fox Pest Control provides pest control services in Gardendale and the surrounding areas, including:

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