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Call by 2:00 pm local time for same-day service. Remote locations and other conditions may require next-day service.


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Monthly Billing

Our monthly billing option keeps payments smaller, making it easier to budget.


If you see pest activity between your regularly scheduled visits, we'll come back at no extra charge for a targeted treatment. If we cannot resolve the problem after three targeted treatments, we will refund the last monthly subscription fee.

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All technicians complete extensive training throughout their career. Fox Pest Control is trained, certified, and insured to use our products correctly and effectively.
What is the Home Protection Plan?

What is the Home Protection Plan?

It's a pest control plan that ensures your Northern VA home is protected year-round.

With this plan, we treat your household pests four times a year, creating an active barrier, catching pests at their most vulnerable stages.

If you see pest activity between visits, we'll come back for a targeted treatment at no extra charge.

Step 1Schedule

Call today at (703) 454-8200 for a free inspection. Call before 2:00 pm, and we can often schedule your Northern VA pest control service the same day. Remote locations and other conditions may require next-day service.

Home Protection Plan Treatment

Step 2Treatment

A skilled technician will inspect your property and provide a customized pest control treatment that will be the most effective for your needs. Depending on the inspection results, your certified technician might suggest treating or protecting against other pests.

Step 3Follow Up

Each service includes a detailed report and helpful recommendations to keep pests away. To prevent pests from returning, we return regularly throughout the year to create a pest barrier, increasing protection with every visit. If you see pest activity between your regularly scheduled services, we will return free of charge!

Home Protection Plan Follow Up

Pests Covered by our Home Protection Plan in Northern VA





Stinging Pests

Stink Bugs



Boxelder Bugs






Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Home Protection Plan cost?

The price of the Home Protection Plan is determined by the size of the house and pest control needs. To find out how much it will cost to service a home we offer an estimate with no obligation to buy.

Is there a discount for existing Fox customers?

Yes, current Fox customers do get a discount for participating in more than one pest control plan.

Why are treatments done every 3 months?

Because each new season brings different pests and pest development cycles, it is most effective to treat each season and catch pests at their most vulnerable stages. By treating 4 times a year (about every 3 months), we can have the most effective control over pests.

Does the customer have to be home at the time of service?

Yes and No. The customer will need to be home for the first or initial appointment as they often will be signing the agreement at that time and an indoor treatment will take place.

But the customer does not have to be home at the time of a seasonal service (any service following the initial visit) if they have already signed an agreement and they don’t need indoor treatment. As long as the technician has access to the property and pets are inside, the service can be performed without the owner present. When making a seasonal appointment, the customer can state that they will not be home and the technician will leave them a detailed report of the services performed.

How effective are the Home Protection Plan treatments?

The products and procedures used to perform the Home Protection Plan are extremely effective, and their impact increases with each visit. As treatments are done on a routine schedule, we catch pests in the crucial stages of their development and inhibit their ability to mature and reproduce. Customers will see a dramatic reduction in household pests as they maintain this plan.

How safe are the products for pets?

The products used in the HPP treatment are EPA-approved and intended for use in areas to which people and pets have access. However, homes with pets such as birds, fish, and rabbits may require alternative treatments. While outdoor products are being applied, it is best that pets be kept indoors. Once the product is dry, the area can be occupied again.

What if the customer has special conditions or concerns?

The technician will customize the service as necessary. If there are specific areas of concern, the technician will make the best decision for the most effective and safe treatment at the time of the appointment. Homeowners are required to let us know if there are any special medical conditions or health concerns that may influence treatments.

Are there any pests that are not covered in the Home Protection Plan?

There are some pests that need unique treatments, such as bed bugs, moles, mosquitoes, ticks, and termites. But don't worry, at Fox, we have plans for all of those! Our Yard Enjoyment Plan will take care of outdoor mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. We also have a great treatment plan for termites with our Termite Defense Plan. We can even help out with our Bed Bug Plan which requires special treatment.

(For details on bed bugs and other specialty pests see the Specialty Services and Commercial Plan.)

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All of our Fox Pest Control Technicians and Managers are based in our local communities.

To ensure our customer's safety, we insist on a thorough screening process for all Fox Pest Control Technicians. They also complete extensive training in the classroom and on the job with an experienced mentor before servicing alone.

Pest Control Technician

Save Money

By participating in more than one Fox Pest Control Plan, you are eligible for discounts on our Termite Defense Plan and our Yard Enjoyment Plan.

Termite Inspection

When you sign up for the Fox Home Protection Plan, request a no-obligation termite inspection at no extra charge.

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We care about relationships, developing leaders, and giving sincere customer service. At Fox Pest Control, you're not just a customer. You're family.

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June 2022
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I've had nothing but great service provided by this company. I've had a few different companies drop by and try to sell me on their products and services but this company has a different, more friendly and professional approach I could work with. The prices and deals offered were also too good to pass up and the communication from purchase to first visit has been outstanding.

July 2022
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Tech was extremely kind, personable, and helpful. Totally positive experience!

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