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Orlando, Florida Pest Control & Pest Inspection Services Near You

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If you’re searching for reliable, affordable pest control in Orlando, Florida, the exterminators at Fox Pest Control are standing by ready to help.

Our team of experienced pest control experts near Orlando is passionate about keeping your home free from pests, and we offer a wide range of Orlando pest control services to suit your needs.

Whether you need a bed bug exterminator, rodent control, termite treatment, or any other pest control service, Fox has you covered.

We provide all phases of Florida pest control services to maintain your home & yard free of pests all year round.

Same-day service is available if you call us at (407) 863-3592 before 2 pm. Contact us now to book a free inspection & service estimate.

Call us now at (407) 863-3592 or book a free inspection online.

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Our team clears your home of these and more destructive pests:

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Why Choose Fox Pest Control in Orlando

Why Choose Fox Pest Control Near Orlando

Here Is Why You Should Call Fox Pest Control

Why you should choose Fox Pest Control in Orlando

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Welcome to Fox Pest Control!

We know how important it is to keep a pest free environment for you and your family.

We are committed to you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee throughout the year.

We start with a thorough initial Home Inspection, then our licensed Fox Pest Control technician will respectfully and comprehensively treat your home.

If you experience concerns after your initial or between quarterly treatments, we'll come back and treat your home again at no additional charge.

When you join the Fox Family we take care of you as one of our own.

Our first priority is to develop and strengthen lasting relationships with our employees, customers and the community.

With Fox Pest Control you can feel confident that you are getting the best pest control from a qualified team who are happy to serve you.

Fox Pest Control.
No bugs. Simply better.

Top-Rated Orlando, Florida Pest Control Services

Here are some of our Orlando pest control services:

Pest Identification: The first step in any effective Florida pest control plan is to identify the type of pests you’re dealing with. Our team of experts can quickly and accurately find the issue so we can develop a customized treatment plan.

Fox-Pest-Control-Orlando Florida Pest Control

Pest Inspection Services: Good pest control in Florida starts with a thorough inspection of your home. We will conduct a comprehensive checkup of your property, inside and out, to determine potential pest problems.

Pest Treatment Services: Our team has the skills and experience to safely and effectively treat a wide range of pests, including termites, bed bug control, roaches, ants, and more.

Pest Prevention Services: The best way to deal with pests is to stop them from becoming a problem in the first place. We offer a variety of prevention services, including regular pest inspections, to help keep your home pest-free.

We also have home protection plans that offer comprehensive coverage for common household pests. And our team of experienced technicians will work with you to develop a plan to get rid of your pests and keep them from returning.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and speak with one of our Orlando exterminators.

Signs of a Pest Infestation

You might already know you have a pest problem. Pests find their way in through any open, unsealed space. This includes cracks in the wood and gaps in the window or old weather stripping.

But here are a couple of the most common signs a pest control extermination technician in the Harrisburg area looks for during an inspection.

You can see the pest. The most common reason people discover they have a pest problem in Harrisburg Area is simply by observing it. It could be a mouse in your house, cockroaches skittering when you turn on the lights, or a swarm of hornets around a nest. In any case, it’s time to get rid of pests!

Signs of activity. Pests are adept at hiding from us, so you won’t always spot them. Instead, you might notice signs of their presence such as rodent droppings or small piles of “sawdust” resulting from termite infestation or carpenter ant activity.

To ensure effectiveness, it’s important to get help from an experienced pest extermination service in Orlando, FL.

Depending on the species, they may create nests, contaminate food and water in your kitchen and bathroom, or cause damage to the inside of walls, electrical wiring, or other parts of the house.

Common Pests in Orlando, FL

Pests come in a large variety. In central Florida, these are some of the most common pests you’ll see around your home:

Fox-Pest-Control-Orlando Florida Pest Control Near You

While some pests can cause home damage, many carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. You must control mosquitoes and rodents as they are the most notorious for this.

Spiders and wasps are famous for their venomous bite and painful sting. Extreme cases of spider bites or wasp stings can cause life-threatening reactions and hospitalization.

What You Can Expect from Fox Pest Control in Orlando, FL

Our goal at Fox Pest Control Orlando is to provide effective and efficient services that meet your specific needs.

Orlando Pest Control Services Near You

We will work with you to develop a plan that is right for you, and provide regular updates on our progress as well as make adjustments to the plan as needed.

What to expect from our experienced and certified technicians:

  • A FREE consultation to discuss your pest problem and develop a plan to solve it.
  • An inspection of your home and property to identify the source of the problem.
  • A customized plan to address your specific needs.
  • EPA-approved products and high-quality equipment.
  • Same-day* service that is convenient for you.

*If you need same-day pest control in Orlando, please call us at (407) 863-3592 before 2 p.m. We can do a same-day inspection and estimate for you, or we can come to your area to provide the service you need.

Pest Inspection, Prevention & Treatment

There are a number of things you can do to prevent pests from becoming a problem in your home. Here are just a few of the pest prevention services we offer in Orlando, FL:

  • Pest Inspections: We offer pest inspections to help you identify potential problems before they become a big issue. We’ll look for signs of pests and identify potential entry points so we can help you get ahead of the problem.
  • Pest-Proofing: We offer pest-proofing services to help you keep pests out of your home in the first place. We’ll seal up any potential entry points and take other steps to help prevent pests from getting into your home.

These are just a few of the pest prevention services we offer in the Orlando area.

Check out our money-back guarantee and see what makes Fox Pest Control one of the top-rated pest control services in central Florida.

If you’re looking for the best way to prevent pests from becoming a problem in your home, give us a call today at (407) 863-3592 or email us and we’ll be happy to help protect your home from pests.

Schedule a free inspection to learn more about we can solve your pest problems.

Pests We Treat: Affordable Pest Control Near You

We provide affordable pest control in Orlando, FL for the following bugs and rodents:

Service Area

Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s no wonder why. The city is home to some of the most iconic theme parks and attractions, not to mention incredible weather year-round.

But Orlando isn’t just a great place to visit – it’s also a great place to live. And that’s where our Orlando branch comes in.

Fox Pest Control Orlando serves a portion of the Central Florida area, including these locations and more:

See a map of our entire service area »

Not sure if we serve your area? Contact us!

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Very responsive and get the job done efficiently. The techs are always kind and answer all of my questions. The sales people are not pushy and customer service is always helpful! I love the monthly program because I can call for help in-between services (which I have only needed to twice) and not get an extra charge. Highly recommend.

Google Verified Reviews

Not only was my recent technician fact, all three of the technicians that have serviced our home in the last three weeks have been absolutely outstanding...very professional and courteous. They are sharp individuals who are obviously well trained in customer service and pest control. Well done!

Fox Pest Control Orlando Professional
When your doorbell rings in Orlando, you can feel confident your Fox Pest Control Technician is thoroughly screened and trained.
  • We insist on a triple check screening process to ensure the safety of our customers.
  • All Technicians undergo a drug screening and driving record review.
  • Fox Pest Control Technicians also complete extensive training in the classroom and on the job with an experienced mentor before servicing alone.
  • You'll always feel comfortable and safe with Fox Pest Control.
  • See photos of our team by clicking on Our Team page

Money Back Guarantee

If a Fox Pest Control customer has an infestation of covered pests in their Orlando, FL home or business between regularly scheduled Home Protection Plan treatments, we will come back and perform targeted treatments to get rid of the pest at no charge. If Fox Pest Control cannot resolve the problem after three such targeted treatments, we will cheerfully refund the customer’s last monthly subscription fee, as long as all other terms of the agreement have been met.

And if you see any pest activity between your regularly scheduled treatments, simply give our Orlando office a call; we'll come back at no additional charge.

*Call us today before 2 p.m. for a same day, zero-obligation inspection and estimate or to provide Orlando pest control & extermination services near you.